LPBW fans doubt Amy and Matt Roloff’s relationships with Chris and Caryn will last

Caryn Chandler, Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Fans of LPBW aren’t confident that Matt and Amy’s relationships with their significant others will last. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of Little People, Big World don’t seem to think that Matt and Amy Roloff’s relationships with Caryn and Chris are going to last.

After this week’s episode aired, some fans took to social media to voice their opinions about the relationships between Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler, as well as between Amy Roloff and Chris Marek.

Matt and Amy got divorced in 2016 after three decades of marriage and living on the farm, raising their four kids.

Rumors swirled that Caryn, a former pumpkin season manager at Roloff Farms, was already involved in an emotional relationship with Matt before he was divorced from Amy.

Since Amy wrote about it in her book, accusing Matt of dabbling in things he shouldn’t have been while they were still married, and sharing a Facebook live with accusations, more fans have lashed out against Caryn, even labeling her a gold digger.

TLC shared some posts on Twitter referencing this week’s episode and fans spoke out

In one post, TLC shared a segment from this week’s episode, when Chris revealed he wasn’t ready to move in with Amy yet, and had some demands and requests for her, as far as organizing around the house.

Also in the episode, Caryn talked about being with Matt because she loves him, and not because she’s a gold digger nor does she claim to want anything from the farm.

LPBW on TLC on Twitter
In response to this week’s episode of LPBW, fans doubted Amy and Chris’ staying power. Pic credit: @TLC/Twitter

One fan commented on Caryn’s confessional, where she admitted to adoring Matt, as well as the relationship between Amy and Chris.

“Did you notice she didn’t say she loved Matt she said she adored him , that’s not love . She is only with him because of what she can get from him, if he gets married to her he needs to make her sign a prenup. Amy and Chris . But Matt needs to find someone else,” was one LPBW fan’s comment.

One fan of the show felt that Amy is a lot for Chris to handle, “I hope for Amy’s sake I’m wrong but I don’t think this marriage is gonna happen. Chris is gonna get tired of her procrastinating with everything. She’s a handful,” they wrote.

LPBW on TLC on Twitter
LPBW fans spoke out about the relationships between Matt and Caryn and Amy and Chris. Pic credit: @TLC/Twitter

“Well l am not convinced about Caryn but l guess time will tell. I think she has had her eye on that for a long time. Sorry l believe she planned this thing a long time ago. If Amy marries that guy l will be surprised,” said another LPBW fan.

Another fan of the show didn’t think Amy and Chris’ relationship feels natural, “Same…Idk, but I just don’t feel Amy & Chris, It feels so forced.”

Will Amy and Chris follow through with their wedding on the farm?

Matt and Caryn have been dating for four years, but they haven’t mentioned an engagement or any talks of marriage yet. Amy, however, is scheduled to marry Chris this August, and it’s been reported that the nuptials will take place on the farm.

Fans will be interested to see if Matt would do anything to ruin the wedding if it happens on the farm, given the history between Matt and Amy.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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