LPBW spoilers: Amy Roloff says dwarfism helps her be less picky unlike Chris when it comes to wedding favors

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Amy Roloff said her dwarfism has made her “make do” with what she has, unlike Chris. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff says that being a little person is an advantage when it comes to not being picky, but she thinks her fiance, Chris Marek, could use some help in that department.

On this week’s episode of LPBW, Life Isn’t Fair, Amy and Chris continued to bicker over their wedding planning, specifically the guests’ favors.

Last week, Amy revealed that she chose hand-painted rocks as favors for her and Chris’s wedding guests, about which Chris wasn’t exactly thrilled — nor were LPBW fans, who called the idea “tacky.”

Chris offered to put together his own wedding favors for their guests, in addition to the rocks. However, Amy put her foot down and made it clear that the favors were her territory as far as wedding planning.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek work on wedding favors

Amy received a shipment of rocks and unboxed them with Chris on this week’s episode.

“Amy was a lot more excited than I was about what was inside,” Chris confessed to the camera.

Chris still had doubts about Amy’s idea to use rocks as favors, and the two continued to disagree and bicker over it. But eventually, Chris decided to compromise and even offered to help with the rocks.

Being unhappy with the rocks that arrived in the shipment (they weren’t quite flat and round enough), Amy and Chris headed to a local landscape shop and hand-picked their rocks from a huge pile. Chris was hopeful that getting involved with Amy would help “bring the excitement back” to Amy’s project.

Amy used the rock project to make a point about not being picky

As Amy and Chris began climbing the massive pile of rocks and digging through them one by one, Amy pointed out what a luxury it is to have things so easily accessible.

“See, I don’t get this luxury. You know, like when I’m at the store or anything, it’s like, I don’t even look up there, above me,” Amy told Chris as she gestured towards the sky, “Because I can’t reach it. And it’s like, I don’t even wanna think if there’s anything better because I’ve got to be happy with right here, and that’s probably why I’m easygoing.”

During her solo confessional, Amy told the cameras, “You know, I think for me, being a little person, from my perspective, it’s made me, you know, be okay and make do with what I have and not really look at what I can’t do or what I can’t get, but look at what I do have.”

“So, with Chris and the wedding favors, I can see where he can be a little more picky,” Amy confessed.

The LPBW stars have bickered over wedding planning

Since their wedding planning began, Amy and Chris haven’t seen eye to eye on much of anything, and it has Amy “shaken up.” When Amy’s ex-husband Matt Roloff offered the farm as a venue, Amy wasn’t initially on board with the idea, although Chris was.

Eventually, Amy changed her mind, and she and Chris decided upon their “Plan B” and are getting married on the farm on August 28.

When it comes to wedding planning, Amy said Chris “doesn’t get it.” Amy and Chris also disagreed over the wedding favors, as Chris originally thought their guests deserved more than “just” a rock.

With just a little over four weeks until their nuptials, Amy and Chris are likely closing in on all of the last-minute details for their wedding.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.