LPBW Spoilers: Amy Roloff and Chris Marek argue over wedding planning, Amy is ‘shaken up’

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
Amy and Chris still had trouble seeing eye to eye about planning for their wedding. Pic credit: TLC

On this week’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff and her fiancé Chris Marek struggled to see eye to eye when it came to putting the finishing touches on their wedding planning.

Amy and Chris got engaged in 2019, as captured by TLC’s camera crew — a decision that Chris Marek now regrets.

But, regardless of any regrets, moving forward Amy and Chris still had a lot of planning left to do before their August nuptials in the latest episode of LPBW.

Amy Roloff put the pressure on Chris Marek this week on LPBW

During the time of filming, Amy and Chris had five months left until they tied the knot. Amy wanted to make sure everything was accounted for and on time. LPBW fans recently discovered that Amy and Chris had decided to wed at Roloff Farms.

Chris didn’t see the need to rush anything, and he and Amy butted heads. When it came to their guest lists, Chris and Amy also had different ideas of what their numbers actually meant.

Both Chris and Amy estimated they had around 75 guests each to be added to their “Save the Date” list.

“Sometimes I forget Chris takes stuff literally. Meaning, 75 is like a range. Forty is a range,” Amy told cameras during her solo confessional.

Chris was a bit shocked when he discovered that Amy’s list had grown since they last discussed it. Things got tense in the scene and Chris was becoming visibly agitated with the whole thing.

Amy admitted she thought she knew more about Chris than she actually did

“They always say sometimes wedding planning, you definitely learn a lot about each other that you thought you knew, but maybe you really didn’t,” Amy confessed to the cameras.

When Amy asked Chris if he was interested in knowing how many vendors they needed, Chris simply replied, “Nope,” and looked exasperated.

Amy awkwardly tapped her pen on the table as she and Chris sat in unpleasant silence.

Amy told the cameras, “Yeah, it’s — this process is a little — shakes me up a little bit.”

Amy and Chris moved on to the next topic of wedding planning — their favors. Amy took the reins on arranging the favors and decided to give their guests hand-painted rocks.

Chris and Amy disagreed over everything

Amy, who has a problem with Chris’s recent friendship with her ex, Matt, explained that she chose the rock idea because on nearly every adventure she and Chris took, Amy found a rock.

She also said the importance was because she hopes her and Chris’s relationship will be “rock solid.”

Chris wasn’t too keen on the rock idea and wanted to include a separate gift from himself to the guests. Amy put her foot down and gave him a hard no.

“Chris has a certain way of wanting to do things, I’m finding out,” Amy confessed, “And I’m like, hmm — no, I kind of don’t want to do it that way. I think he wants to be a part of this a whole lot more than I thought.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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