LPBW spoiler: Amy and Matt Roloff buy Lilah the same gift for her birthday

Lilah, Amy, and Matt Roloff of LPBW
Amy and Matt had similar ideas for Lilah’s birthday gift. Pic credit: TLC

On Tuesday night’s episode of Little People, Big World, Lilah Roloff celebrates her second birthday with the rest of the Roloff family.

As Lilah is about to turn 2 years old, Zach and Tori reflected on how much their daughter has grown as she celebrated with a birthday party.

Zach and Tori Roloff reflect on Lilah’s progress as she turns 2 years old

“Lilah’s really grown up a lot since last year,” Zach shared in a clip from the June 14 episode of LPBW. Tori added, “She’s really like, come into her own personality so much the last year and has just had fun.”

Tori and Zach threw a second birthday party for Lilah at their new home in Battle Ground, Washington. Despite the tension within the family after farm negotiations took a left turn, Matt Roloff attended the party. His ex-wife Amy and her husband Chris Marek were also there to celebrate Lilah.

After everyone watched Lilah blow out her candles, they enjoyed some cake before Lilah sat down to open her gifts. As Zach explained, Lilah doesn’t quite grasp the concept of receiving gifts, but her big brother Jackson was by her side to help.

Amy noticed that one of the gifts Lilah opened was the same gift she bought for her granddaughter and it was from Matt and Caryn.

Amy and Matt joke about buying Lilah the same gift

Amy and Chris joined Matt and Caryn for a combined confessional. Matt joked that he was mad at Amy for buying a duplicate gift.

“Whoever wants to start,” the producer said before Matt offered to speak up first. “I’m kinda mad at Amy. She got the exact same gift I got her,” he joked.

Chris chimed in and joked to Matt, “Next time, we’ll have our people talk to your people.”

Lilah celebrated her second birthday in November 2021.

Tori shared a post and gushed over her and Zach’s daughter: “You truly are a ray of light in our lives. You have so much sass and personality and constantly make us laugh. I have loved getting to know you more this year and watching you become more confident in your self.”

Despite facing surgery in the future for her strabismus (also known as crossed eyes), Lilah is doing great health-wise, as her parents Tori and Zach reported ahead of Season 23 of LPBW, telling fans that overall, Jackson and Lilah are “healthy and happy.”

You can watch the preview clip in its entirety here.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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