LPBW: Matt Roloff reveals 30-year-old hidden structure on Roloff Farms

Matt Roloff of LPBW
Matt Roloff revealed a hidden, never-before-seen structure on Roloff Farms. Pic credit: Matt Roloff/YouTube

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff shared a unique, hidden gem that resides on Roloff Farms with his fans.

As LPBW viewers know, Roloff Farms stays busy because Matt always has multiple projects going on at once.

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff reveals secret mineshaft on Roloff Farms

One of his latest photos on Instagram gave his fans a look at something LPBW viewers never got to see on the show: an underground mineshaft.

The photo Matt shared looks like something straight out of the Hundred Acre Wood. It showed a hidden door covered by an arch of foliage that looked to lead into an underground tunnel.

“This current photo features something created long before #lpbw was created,” Matt captioned his post.

“Never been featured or mentioned on the show (to my knowledge) .. even though it was built several years before the show started. This mine shaft was built and inspired back in circa 1992-93. Now it’s grown fully into what was invisioned many (20 years ) ago.”

In the comments section, Matt further elaborated on the underground tunnel when a fan asked, “What was envisioned? What has it grown into?”

Matt explains inspiration behind building Roloff Farms’ mineshaft

Matt explained that he was inspired to build the mineshaft when he wanted to replicate a photo that his friends shared with him years ago.

one of matt's fans asked about the mineshaft on IG
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram
matt roloff explains the mineshaft to a fan on IG
Pic credit: @mattroloff/Instagram

“@christymgauger Nice question,” Matt replied. “Some friends of mine showed me a photo they took while hiking in the very back country of Oregon (shortly after we moved here in 1989). I realized I probably would never be able to hike that far into the back country to actually see the are (mine shaft) they took their photo at… soooo I decided at that point I would build the exact thing I saw in the photo.”

According to Matt, there is a barn above the mineshaft with a trap door leading inside, which he kept locked for the LPBW production crew while filming.

“Several months later (1994 ish) we had this 60’ mine shaft. It has a trap door into the floor of the barn above it,” Matt continued. “Once they first started filming #lpbw in approx 2003 (little people big dreams) and even the precursor to that.”

“(True story that few know) we locked up the trap door so production could have a safe secure barn to use.. few people know this history of the ‘mine shaft’. … and no. Despite popular rumors… This tunnel is Not connected to the western town tunnels. Its a very seperate [sic] underground tunnel system. :))”

One of Matt’s current projects is his dream home on Roloff Farms where he and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler hope to live eventually. Currently, Matt is still living in the double-wide mobile home (DW as he calls it) on the farm and Caryn lives in her own home just a short distance away.

Another recent project that Matt unveiled last season on LPBW was Grandpa’s Cabin. The log structure is the perfect place on the farm for Matt’s (and his ex-wife Amy’s) grandchildren to hang out near Grandpa Matt and have a sleepover.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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