LPBW: Matt Roloff is ‘racing at full speed’ to finish Amy and Chris’s barn before their wedding

Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek of LPBW
The countdown is on for Matt Roloff to finish Amy and Chris’s wedding barn in time. Pic credit: TLC

It’s crunch time! Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff is “racing at full speed” to complete a project before Amy and Chris’s August 28 wedding.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, LPBW fans were critical of Matt when they discovered that he was building a structure on the farm, just one month ahead of Amy’s wedding.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek choose Roloff Farms for their wedding venue

Matt had supposedly promised Amy that he wouldn’t have any projects going on during her wedding on the farm, which included holding off on building his dream home.

Amy was initially hesitant to get married on Roloff Farms, due to the possibility of awkwardness with her ex-husband, with whom she shared the farm for nearly 30 years.

After Chris encouraged Amy to see of all of the positive aspects of getting married on the farm — it’s free of charge, it’s familiar, and it’s the perfect setting to tie the knot — she finally came around and their Plan B quickly became their Plan A.

Matt Roloff is building a barn for his ex’s wedding

Matt later clarified that the structure he’s building on the farm is actually a barn to be used for Amy and Chris’s wedding, later this month.

Now, Matt Roloff is sharing the progress being made on Amy and Chris’s barn, and told his followers that he’s in a time crunch.

“Racing at full speed to get the new building finished before the Big day @amyjroloff and Chris wedding day! Pulling out all the stops …16 days and counting!” Matt shared on his Instagram account on Wednesday.

Matt included several pics of the barn, which resembles a home, and it looks like it’s coming along, but there’s definitely a lot of work to be done before August 28.

Matt also noted that he was just waiting on getting the metal roof put on the barn, and would be sharing his progress along the way.

“Now we’re just hoping the @ccandlroofingpdx can get the new metal roof on so we can button this up before the wedding. Good news is … I’ll keep sharing photos so you can all see the progress,” Matt shared.

Will Amy’s wedding go off without a hitch?

Matt has been somewhat surprisingly easy for Amy to work with, as far as wedding planning goes on Roloff Farms. However, Matt knows his and Amy’s history, and isn’t getting too excited — he said, “Knowing Amy and me, there’s an explosion ahead.”

As far as the day of the wedding goes, Matt and Caryn intend to be off the farm and relaxing in Arizona, their home away from home. Amy and Chris decided it was best not to invite Matt and Caryn to the wedding, and they agreed that it was for the best.

With everything else going so smoothly with Amy and Chris’s wedding planning, the big question is: will Matt have the barn finished in time?

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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