LPBW: Isabel Roloff reaffirms why she’s not ‘interested’ in sharing much about infant son Mateo online

Isabel Roloff of LPBW fame
Isabel Roloff reaffirmed her and Jacob’s decision not to share their son Mateo’s identity online. Pic credit: Roaming Roloffs/YouTube

Isabel Roloff of Little People, Big World fame recently shared with her fans that she isn’t very interested in sharing her son Mateo online.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Isabel and her husband Jacob Roloff decided they weren’t going to share their infant son’s identity with the public.

In September 2021 while Isabel was still pregnant, Jacob told his followers of their unborn son, “None of you will ever see my son.”

Isabel explained how she and Jacob came to their decision, telling her fans, “We knew before we had him that we wanted to protect his privacy online.”

“Ultimately Jacob said from the beginning that we will share very little about our kids and I agreed,” Isabel added. “So now we are navigating that daily, checking in with each other about comfortability and what we choose to share.”

LPBW star Isabel Roloff isn’t interested in sharing much about son Mateo

Now, Isabel has admitted that she actually isn’t very interested in sharing photos of Mateo or his milestones on social media.

In a recent Instagram Story, new mom Isabel told her followers, “It’s so interesting how little I actually feel like sharing in regards to [Mateo]. Maybe it’s being accused of selling out to the highest bidder for his photo enough times? I’m not sure.”

isabel roloff shared with fans why she isn't interested in sharing mateo's identity with them
Pic credit: @isabelsofiarock/Instagram

Isabel continued to explain that she’ll receive messages from fans and critics, regardless of what she shares, and she is trying to avoid even more criticism than she already receives.

Isabel is aware that she’ll be judged regardless what she shares about Mateo

“But if I share anything about breastfeeding, or his weight gain or anything about him, I’ll just be under fire for sharing too much. But people are constantly in my messages asking me for updates on him.”

“I know I shared my pregnant journey, but as soon as things changed for us at the end I just feel so protective right now… and ultimately [guarded]. This is such a vulnerable time and I don’t want to regret ever sharing too much. Ya know?” Isabel continued.

Isabel assured her fans that baby Mateo is thriving and that she’ll share more about her newborn son when she feels comfortable doing so.

“All in all, he’s doing well. I love him so much,” Isabel wrote. “That’s all. For now at least. ❤”

It’s understandable why Isabel and Jacob would want to protect Mateo’s identity. The couple has already had to defend themselves against trolls in the comments of Instagram posts.

Last month, Isabel shared a pic of herself and Mateo in the snow. Mateo was turned away from the camera, donning a fuzzy teddy bear onesie, which perturbed some nosey fans who felt Isabel and Jacob should show their son’s face to the public.

Isabel and Jacob fired back at the trolls in the comments, defending their decision to keep baby Mateo out of the limelight.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.