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LPBW fan calls Tori Roloff a ‘brat’ for comments she made about about Matt and Amy Roloff

Matt, Tori and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Tori Roloff came under fire by LPBW fans for comments she made about Matt and Amy in this week’s episode. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has come under fire for comments she made about her in-laws, Matt and Amy Roloff, in this week’s episode.

During the episode of LPBW, Tori and Zach made gingerbread houses with their kids, Jackson and Lilah.

While they were sitting at the table, Zach brought up the topic of his mom, Amy’s upcoming wedding, which is scheduled for August 28 of this year.

Amy and Chris hadn’t yet finalized their choice of wedding venues, but had Roloff Farms on the table as their “Plan B” option after Matt offered the farm to them as a venue.

Zach and Tori discuss Amy’s wedding venue

Zach said to Tori, “I think my mom and Chris are really considering the farm as a wedding venue. I still think that’s a bad idea.”

“I plead the fifth,” was Tori’s initial response.

Zach continued, “My mom and Chris should just start new somewhere else.”

During their couples’ interview, Tori told the cameras, “I get Chris’s perspective, like, ‘Oh, a free wedding venue?! That’ll save me five grand. I could like, really…’ But then I’m also like, go do… if you’re like, starting your life, go do it somewhere where it’s like, a neutral slate.”

Tori hinted that Amy would complain no matter what Matt did

Tori added, “The farm is beautiful, and I totally get her, like, reasoning for wanting to get married there. But, even if it all went perfect, Matt would place a flower pot somewhere and Amy would be like, ‘What the… why, why?'”

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“‘Like, why does he have to do this to me? Like why? I don’t understand.’ And so it’s just like, just don’t do it. Just don’t even, like, put that emotional strain on yourself or your future husband,” Tori continued.

One fan of the show caught Tori’s comments about Matt and Amy and thought it was out of line, calling her a “brat.”

LPBW fans discussed Tori’s comments

The fan created a thread on Reddit titled Shame on Tori and wrote, “Concerning the wedding at the farm Tori says: “Even if it all went perfect, Matt would place a flowerpot somewhere and Amy would be like Why does he have to do this to me?” What a brat she is to say something so nasty.”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
One fan of LPBW created a thread, calling Tori a “brat” for her comments about Matt and Amy. Pic credit: u/janicedaisy/Reddit

Not all LPBW fans felt Tori was a ‘brat’ for her comments

“She’s not wrong though…” wrote another fan of the show, who thought Tori’s comments were accurate.

One fan didn’t think Tori’s comments justified calling her a brat and commented, “That’s not what being a brat is.”

Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
LPBW fans debated whether Tori’s comments were out of line. Pic credit: u/janicedaisy/Reddit

One fan of the show thought Amy deserved the title of brat rather than Tori.

They commented, “Tori is right. Everything Matt does somehow p***es Amy off. He could take a s**t and according to Amy he is doing it wrong. Amy is the brat, not Tori.”

Some other comments made by LPBW fans read, “It just wasn’t a nice thing to say.”

While another fan of the show said, “She’s not wrong. That was the most honest things said the whole episode.”

And yet another wrote, “She’s not wrong [though]. That is 100% their dynamic.”

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Tori Roloff of LPBW on Reddit
More fans of LPBW spoke out on Tori’s comments about Matt and Amy. Pic credit: u/janicedaisy/Reddit

This isn’t the first time Tori has come under fire for her comments. Recently, she received some criticism for another set of comments she made. This time, it was regarding her daughter Lilah’s glasses, which Tori continually referred to as being “not cute.”

Amy and Chris’s wedding is fast approaching

Whether Tori’s comments were out of line or not, even Amy’s son Zach agreed that getting married on the farm was a bad idea. According to a source, however, Amy and Chris have decided on Roloff Farms as their wedding venue.

With only a little more than two months left until Amy and Chris tie the knot, fans of the show are crossing their fingers for a televised wedding, regardless of where they get married.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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