Love Island USA’s Will Moncada mocks viewers who called him a villain

Will and Kyra from Love Island USA
Will and Kyra from Love Island USA. Pic credit: @willmoncadaaj/Instagram

When Will Moncada showed up on Love Island USA, he stole Kyra Lizama from Korey Gandy and the two went on to make it to the finals.

Through the season, fans made up rumors online, accusing the two of knowing each other beforehand and saying they were scamming and cheating to try to win.

It didn’t stop them from making it to the finals, but it did keep them from winning.

Now, Will is mocking the people who claimed he was a villain on Love Island USA Season 3.

Will was called a villain on Love Island USA

There were a few villains in fans’ eyes during Love Island USA Season 3.

The first was Trina Njoroge, who fans turned on after she stole Cinco Holland from Cashay Proudfoot. Because Cash was a heavy fan favorite, it made Trina a hated woman.

Fans came around to her in the end, especially after she stood up to Cinco.

However, the case with Will and Trina was complicated. It all started when Christian Longnecker was the first person eliminated and started claiming that he thought the two knew each other before coming on the show.

Fans heard this and many believed it outright with no proof.

They immediately hated Will and turned him into a perceived villain.

Then when Olivia Kaiser tried to steal Will away from Kyra, and he rejected her, he made an enemy of her. After Will tested his love for Kyra while he was at Casa Amor, Olivia and Trina decided to team up and try to break up Kyra and Will.

They failed and the two remained together, and they are still together to this day.

Despite that, fans still didn’t trust Will, and many still don’t trust him despite the couple remaining together.

Will mocks Love Island USA fans who called him a villain

Will did an Instagram Live with fans and answered some questions.

When a fan asked how he felt about being called a villain on Love Island USA, he responded, “I didn’t watch the show yet, but I don’t know if I am the villain of the villa.”

Kyra then laughed at the question and Will mocked the idea with evil laughter before saying, “Ha-ha-ha, I’m really bad,” and he laughed about it along with Kyra.

It seems the two are enjoying the fans’ speculation, and are not letting it bother them. One wonders what will happen if they sit down to watch the show together.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Catch up with all the love connections from Season 3 on Paramount+.

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