Love Island USA Season 6 finale date confirmed, and it’s soon

Nicole Jacky on Love Island USA.
Nicole Jacky is part of a strong couple. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA is having its best season yet, so it’s sad to know that only a handful of episodes are left.

The Peacock hit has towered above the reality competition this summer because of its ability to subvert expectations by changing twists compared to previous years.

Sometimes, reality TV formats grow stale because producers are uninterested in switching things up.

However, Love Island USA Season 6 will be memorable for its casting and format, which helped it become one of the best seasons of any reality TV show in recent memory.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Love Island USA is finishing up for the summer very soon.

Now, Peacock has confirmed the news.

When will Love Island USA Season 6 end?

Love Island USA Season 6 will air its finale on Sunday, July 21st, at 9 p.m. ET. This means that much of the drama will have to be condensed because we don’t have much time left with these islanders.

It’s probably good news then that there will be a mass dumping from the island later this week, sending countless islanders packing from the beautiful Fiji villa they’ve called home all summer.

There are so many people because of the Casa Amor drama, which left many islanders single.

Tuesday’s latest new episode featured a preview of Aaron Evans tearing off his microphone and storming out of the house.

If he follows through with his plan, there’s a good chance Kaylor Martin will follow in his footsteps.

Kaylor went from being a fan-favorite to being criticized by the show’s fans after witnessing her love interest’s actions at Casa Amor and subsequently taking him back.

Movie Night destroyed friendships and couples

However, Movie Night brought some more past drama to the forefront, with Aaron being called out for another string of lies he made after returning from Casa Amor.

Movie Night also left Leah Kateb and Miguel Harichi on the verge of breaking up after the latter revealed he saw a different side to her as she argued with Olivia “Liv” Walker and Kaylor.

As a result, there are so many unanswered questions about the final episodes.

The only strong couple is Nicole Jacky and Kendall Washington, who were the first two to enter the Hideaway.

However, fans have soured on Kendall in recent episodes due to him urging the boys to betray the girls at Casa Amor.

There’s no clear winner of the season because it will all come down to who is still in the villa after the recoupling, which is sure to ruffle many feathers.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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