Love Island USA promotes Season 4 during Big Brother, looking at the application

Love Island USA
Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother on Friday night had a commercial that revealed the application process has opened for Love Island USA Season 4.

Season 3 of the hit dating reality show recently ended and fans are eagerly following that season’s cast to see who is still together.

Now, it is time for hopefuls for Season 4 to start applying for Love Island USA.

Love Island USA opens Season 4 application process

The promo for Love Island USA aired in the first half of Big Brother on Friday night and revealed how hopefuls can sign up to take part in Season 4.

That application can be found here.

For those who have never seen the app, there are some interesting questions asked of each hopeful, with 73 questions on the application.

The fifth question asks if a person has ever officially changed their name, clearly helping the producers do better background checks on the contestants.

After a series of questions asking about physical descriptions and where a person grew up and lives, they then went into some personal questions to begin the vetting process.

The 36th question asks if a person has a passport, making it sound like Love Island USA Season 4 might take place outside the United States again. Season 1 took place in Fiji, while Season 2 was in Las Vegas and Season 3 in Hawaii.

The next few questions asked if a person was single, how long they have been single, reasons for breakups, and whether the person has been engaged or married.

Other key questions include:

  • Have you ever been in love, or found the person you thought was “the one”? Tell us about it.
  • Why do you think you are currently single? 
  • Describe your ideal romantic partner.
  • What makes you a good boy/girlfriend?
  • When it comes to dating, do you prefer to be the pursuer or be pursued?
  • On the show, if another person is paired with the person you have chemistry with, what will you do?

The questions then ask them to profile themselves for a dating site and then ask about their parent’s relationship.

The application then ends with questions about any criminal cases outside of driving offenses and then a request for three photos.

When will Love Island USA Season 4 premiere?

The first season of Love Island USA premiered on July 9, 2019, and ended on August 7.

The second season premiered on August 24, 2020, and ended on September 30. This was due to COVID-19 delays.

The third season premiered on July 7, 2021, and ended on August 15.

Based on that, it sounds like the fourth season will arrive in July 2022.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Season 4 of the show should return in summer 2022.