Love Island USA fans support Kaylor Martin after ditching ’embarrassing’ Aaron Evans: ‘Proud of her’

Kaylor Martin on Love Island USA.
Kaylor Martin hits back at Aaron Evans. Pic credit: Peacock

One of the biggest questions going into Friday’s episode of Love Island USA was how Kaylor Martin would react to Aaron Evans’ return from Casa Amor.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kaylor was a distant memory to Aaron when he initially arrived at Casa Amor and romanced Daniela Ortiz Rivera.

After Kaylor learned what Aaron was up to, thanks to a sneaky video message from Love Island USA producers, it was inevitable that she would not choose to recouple with him upon his return.

In one of the most surprising moments of the season, Kaylor admitted that she couldn’t couple up with one of the new Love Island USA men either, mainly because she wasn’t ready to move on with someone else.

The episode already showcased Aaron having second thoughts about Daniela before gently letting her down and allowing her to move on with Rob Bausch.

Kaylor was understandably shocked that Aaron returned alone.

Kaylor got sweet revenge on Aaron

Still, Aaron was lured into a false sense of security by finding his love interest alone until he learned that she opted to become single.

Kaylor pointed out that she watched the video and was aware he wasn’t loyal to her during his time away from the main villa, seemingly causing a snag in their relationship.

With such an intense recoupling, viewers were quick to light up social media with their reactions.

Love Island USA fans sound off on all the drama.
Kaylor is supported. Pic credit: @tonygre32835476/X

“What a mess,” said one fan, who said they “felt so bad for some of the girls.”

Love Island USA fans are team Kaylor

“Especially Kaylor,” the fan added, saying she “didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”

Kaylor was upset because she hadn’t slept in bed with any of the new men and had been keeping them away from her to keep her connection to Aaron intact.

Fans are supporting Kaylor. Pic credit: @realitytvchatss/x

“The way Aaron came back cheering was embarrassing AF,” another fan said.

“I can’t stand him. I really hope she doesn’t take him back.”

Fans react to the Kaylor Love Island USA drama.
Kaylor fans sound off on the drama. Pic credit: @bighotbaby1/X

A third fan is “proud of” Kaylor.

Another fan picked out the impeccable song choice for Kaylor during the episode, as she was upset about the video message.

It turns out there really is a Sabrina Carpenter song for every occasion.

Whether Kaylor will be open to trusting Aaron again in the aftermath remains to be seen, but something tells us Aaron’s time on the island is ending very soon.

Love Island USA airs Thursday-Tuesday at 9/8c on Peacock.

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