Love Island USA fans stunned as Kaylor Martin forgives ‘British scam artist’ Aaron Evans after Casa Amor drama

Kaylor looks on in shock.
Kaylor is called out by fans. Pic credit: Peacock

Love Island USA kicked the action into high gear with the aftermath of Casa Amor, but one of the biggest shockers was Kaylor Martin reuniting with Aaron Evans.

Kaylor was livid when she received footage last week of Aaron’s antics in the second villa and was resigned to the fact that their relationship was over by choosing to be single when he returned from Casa Amor.

However, that changed quickly during Sunday’s episode when the pair talked it out, and Kaylor was shown getting close to Aaron again.

There’s a good chance it was driven by the other male islanders downplaying the events while they were away from the girls.

Serena Page already started finding out about the lies being spread around the villa when she tried to speak to Kordell Beckham’s new love interest, Daia McGhee.

Fans were quick to criticize Kaylor on social media for letting Aaron back in so soon after breaking her heart.

Aaron and Kaylor are criticized on social media

One viewer called Aaron a “British scam artist” and said Kaylor would go home if the voting was open to viewers.

Another shocked viewer felt that producers were probably unimpressed with Kaylor’s decision because they probably paid a lot to use Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please, Please, Please” for Friday’s episode.

The song choice was perfect at that moment, but something tells us a more upbeat number would have been used if producers knew Kaylor was going to get back together with Aaron so fast.

Another fan is counting down the days until movie night, which typically features the islanders watching previously unseen footage.

More drama is on the horizon for Love Island USA

Fans hope that producers will give far more context to the events of Casa Amor because the boys have been keeping certain details about their stint away from the villa under wraps.

The big night could be the point at which Kaylor realizes that much of what she was told by Aaron and the other boys has been a lie, which will be another big test about whether she trusts him.

The teaser for Monday’s episode hinted at Aaron preparing to ask Kaylor to be his girlfriend, which may or may not pan out if movie night changes everything she thought she knew about him.

Either way, Love Island USA is on a roll, with the drama neverending and twists keeping the show fresh.

Love Island USA airs Thursdays-Tuesdays on Peacock.

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