Love Island USA fan favorite couple spends Thanksgiving together

Love Island USA cast posing together
Love Island USA cast posing together. Pic credit: CBS

Love Island USA fans are keeping a close eye on their favorites, hoping that the couples can stay together.

With the holidays in motion, it is a good time to see who is still together and see who is spending this time of the year together.

There has already been one breakup among Love Island couples, as Leslie Golden announced she broke up with Bennett Sipes this past week.

However, there is also good news.

One of the biggest fan-favorite couples on Love Island USA is still together and even celebrated Thanksgiving together.

Are Cashay and Cinco from Love Island USA still together?

Cinco Holland and Cashay Proudfoot are not only still together after their stint on Love Island USA, but they celebrated Thanksgiving together.

It was Cinco’s dad, Melvin Holland Sr., who revealed the happy news via a Twitter post, in which he provided a few pictures and tagged both Cashay and Cinco in the post with no other comments.

There have been some moments the last few months where fans wondered about the couple, but they appear to still be going strong.

Cinco and Cashay taking things slow after Love Island USA

Cashay has let fans know before that she and Cinco are not rushing anything and want to let their relationship grow naturally.

There have been big dates that the couple displayed for fans, including a fun helicopter ride.

There were also moments where Cashay showed up somewhere and Cinco never showed up. The two also had an argument on one of the Love Island USA excursions but that was something that was normal for couples.

However, while fans are constantly worried that Cashay and Cinco are breaking up, the two continue to build their relationship.

The reason Cinco is not always around when Cashay is touring the country is because he has a personal trainer business he runs while Cashay seems to be cashing in on her social media influencer status.

The photos from Cinco’s dad seemed to make it not only look like he and Cashay are doing good together in their relationship, but also that they might be growing closer with the celebration with his family.

For now, Cinco and Cashay remain together as the Love Island USA Season 3 cast rolls on.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. Relive Season 3 right now on Paramount+ streaming.

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