Love Is Blind’s Shayne Jansen addresses rumors that he uses cocaine

Love Is Blind star Shayne Jansen
Shayne Jansen responded to rumors that he uses drugs. Pic credit: Netflix

Love Is Blind star Shayne Jansen has been plagued by rumors that he used cocaine during the show and he recently set the record straight.

During a recent interview, Shayne’s co-star on Love Is Blind, Shake Chatterjee, inferred that Shayne used cocaine, as Monsters & Critics previously reported.

Appearing on The Domenick Nati Show, Shake told the podcast host, “I’m not allowed to say… I’m not allowed to say anything to that extent,” while mockingly twitching his eyes at a fast rate.

“But all I can say is use your critical judgment and don’t be an idiot,” he added. “And everything you’re thinking is probably right.”

Now, during the March 30 episode of the podcast, Viall Files with former The Bachelor star Nick Viall, Shayne addressed the allegations.

Shayne Jansen denies using cocaine while filming Love Is Blind

Shayne didn’t deny that he appeared jittery and antsy during his time in the pods on Love Is Blind, but he told Nick that it wasn’t caused by drug use.

Rumors that he’s been “carrying cocaine on me and snorting lines and doing all this kind of stuff in the bathroom” have been swirling. But Shayne insisted that with producers watching his every move, he wouldn’t “risk everything on the show.”

Shayne says a medical condition is to blame for his hyperactivity

Shayne claimed that he suffers from severe ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Symptoms of ADHD include inattention (not being able to keep focus), hyperactivity (excess movement that is not fitting to the setting) and impulsivity (hasty acts that occur in the moment without thought).”

“You have cameras here, cameras here, staring at you while you’re confessing your love and you’re talking about deep emotions,” Shayne said, explaining that his condition makes it difficult to sit still.

“It’s an uncomfortable situation, regardless,” Shayne added of his nerve-wracking time in the pods. Admittedly, Shayne’s caffeine consumption also has something to do with his energetic personality.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t help my anxiety… I drink like five shots of espresso,” he revealed.

Shayne recently showed off his incredible body transformation on Instagram, proving that he takes self-care quite seriously.

He told his fans, “It’s amazing when you prioritize yourself and you look as good as you feel. I’ve come a long way in a year and I can finally say I truly love myself.”

Seasons 1 and 2 of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix.

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