Love Is Blind: Jarrette Jones responds to Iyanna McNeely’s cheating allegations

Jarrette Jones IG Feb 2022
Jarrette broke his silence regarding his ex-wife Iyanna’s claims of infidelity. Pic credit: @thejjones_05/Instagram

Jarrette Jones is speaking out after his ex-wife, Love Is Blind contestant Iyanna McNeely, accused him of cheating on her.

Jarrette and Iyanna had a whirlwind romance that began in the pods during Season 2 of Netflix’s dating experiment.

Although Jarrette was torn and initially fell for Mallory Zapata, nearly proposing to her, he ultimately decided to propose instead to Iyanna.

At first, Iyanna was a bit leery about being Jarrette’s second choice, but the couple made it to the altar, and both ended up saying, “I do” on their wedding day.

However, their marriage didn’t last long — after just one year as husband and wife, Iyanna filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Fast-forward to 2023, and Iyanna says that during their brief union, Jarrette was unfaithful. Iyanna spilled the tea to multiple sources, including on her castmates Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati’s podcast, Out of the Pods.

Iyanna alleges that five months into their marriage, Jarrette brought two women into their home after a night of drinking. According to Iyanna, the cheating took place with one of the women, not both, and the Love Is Blind star says she found out via an email from the woman who claims she hooked up with Jarrette.

Iyanna accused Jarrette and the mystery woman of “kissing and groping each other” in their bed, noting that they didn’t have sex. She said when she confronted her then-husband, he point-blank denied the accusations.

Now, Jarrette is giving his side of the story, and he’s standing firm that he didn’t cheat on his ex-wife.

Love Is Blind alum Jarrette Jones maintains his innocence: ‘I did not touch this woman’

A YouTuber, @TikaForever, screen-recorded one of Jarrette’s recent Instagram Stories, where he offered his version of events. Addressing bringing the women into his and Iyanna’s home, Jarrette said he should “never” have done such a thing, and he’s apologetic about his actions.

“I’ve apologized time and time again to Iyanna about that,” Jarrette confessed. “That alone was poor decision-making on my end, and I understand that. I take accountability for that; it should have never happened.”

However, Jarrette says he didn’t touch the mystery woman, despite what she emailed to Iyanna. Some of his story does align with Iyanna’s, though.

He said that the women did come back to his place, and he offered them drinks and left them alone in the living room. But that’s where their stories differ.

That’s when Jarrette said the woman realized he was taken — although they thought Iyanna was his girlfriend, not his wife — and they decided to leave.

Jarrette accuses his ex-wife Iyanna McNeely of holding hands with a mystery man

Jarrette also made a shocking claim, accusing Iyanna of being less than 100 percent faithful on her part: He said he caught her holding hands with another man after she was out drinking and partying with her Love Is Blind Season 2 castmates.

“When I get off work, I go pick her up, I go inside, I’m looking for her, cannot find her,” Jarrette told his followers. “When I did find her — ask her, it’s not a lie — she was holding hands with another guy walking down the stairs.”

Jarrette continued to say that the next day, Iyanna claimed she had blacked out from drinking and didn’t recall holding another man’s hand.

“Does that excuse you from whatever actions happened in between this time that you do and don’t remember?” Jarrette rhetorically asked. “I don’t know.”

So, whose version of events do you believe? Should Iyanna believe the woman who emailed her about hooking up with her then-husband, or is Jarrette telling the truth?

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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