Love Is Blind alums Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati ‘in the process’ of freezing their eggs

Natalie Lee Deepti Vempati IG selfies
Natalie and Deepti dished on their plans to become mothers in the future. Pic credit: @natalieminalee/@lifewithdeeps/Instagram

Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati of Love Is Blind are taking steps to ensure they can become mothers when the time is right.

Natalie and Vempati were contestants during Season 2 of Love Is Blind and have since become close friends and co-workers.

The ladies co-host their podcast, Out of the Pods, where they talk about their personal lives since appearing on Netflix reality TV as well as the latest Love Is Blind gossip.

Before hosting their first guest, Iyanna McNeely, who also appeared during Season 2 of Love Is Blind, Natalie and Deepti delved into what they’ve been up to in their personal lives lately.

Deepti was the first to share about her life lately and noted that other than staying in and recording the podcast with Natalie, she hasn’t been up to much these days.

After noting that she hasn’t been drinking alcohol, Deepti consulted with Natalie to see if she was okay with sharing why the two of them have been abstaining in recent weeks.

Love Is Blind Season 2 alums Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati say they’re living healthier lives in preparation to freeze their eggs

“Well, we are looking into egg freezing,” Natalie revealed.

“Yes, we are gonna freeze our eggs, baby,” Deepti chimed in.

Natalie shared that she and Deepti are “in the process right now,” which means they’re trying to live their healthiest lives possible.

“That includes cutting out drinking, eating healthy, exercising a little bit more,” Natalie added. “And then we’re gonna start treatment sometime soon, and obviously, we’ll take you through that journey with us.”

Natalie shared that she and Deepti have been engaging in a 30-day no-drinking challenge, and the reason was to kickstart their healthier lifestyles in preparation for freezing their eggs.

Deepti added that since abstaining from alcohol, she feels better, meditates more frequently, and wakes up feeling “more clear-minded.”

“I feel so much better not drinking, not feeling hungover, you know, the day after a rowdy night,” added Natalie.

Natalie and Deepti got engaged on Love Is Blind but neither got married

During their time on Love Is Blind Season 2, neither Natalie nor Deepti went through with saying “I do” to their respective fiances. Both ladies said, “I don’t,” at the altar rather than following through with marriage after their engagements.

Natalie got engaged to Shayne Jansen, while Deepti did the same with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee.

Natalie and Shayne briefly rekindled their romance after the show, but it didn’t last. Deepti went on to date another Season 2 contestant, Kyle Abrams, also after filming ended for Love Is Blind, but they, too, went their separate ways.

Season 4 of Love Is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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