Love in Paradise: The Caribbean spoilers: Which couples are still together?

Key, Amber, and Sherlon
Which couples’ relationships survived Love in Paradise: The Caribbean? Pic credit: TLC

The challenges to the relationships of the couples on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story has made for dramatic moments, harsh realities, and tough decisions. But that’s not to say that the couples couldn’t overcome their hardships and stay together.

In fact, all of the couples from Love in Paradise are still together and two pairs are even living in the United States.

For the people who fell in love on vacation, their bonds and love for each other seem to have outweighed their logistical issues.

Amber Graney and Daniel Salazar and Mark Truzzolino and Key Elisa Bukschtein are together in America

Amber and Daniel appeared on the latest season of 90 Day Bares All where they explained that although Daniel’s final approval for the K-1 visa took much longer than they expected, that Daniel was finally in America and they were in the midst of their 90 days to marry.

Since then, they have been spotted hanging out with 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum Kenny Niedermeier in Florida and appear to have become close.

Despite Key’s assertion that she had no interest in coming to America, she now calls Huntington Beach where Mark lives home according to her Instagram.

In late September of 2021, Argentinian native Key first came to America and was spending time in Las Vegas and California with Mark and appears to have never left.

Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon McInnis and Martine Fortune and Steven Blackett are still together and in each other’s lives

Martine and Steven were also guests on 90 Day Bares All where they were working on strengthening their relationship and moving forward realistically. Steven and Martine still visit each other regularly and are very much still together.

It does not appear that Aryanna and Sherlon have been reunited since she gave birth to their son based on their social media which means Sherlon has never met baby Odin in person.

The couple does still seem to be together despite the distance and Aryanna often makes cute posts about her and Sherlon.

The couple had planned to get Sherlon a tourist visa to come meet Odin and Aryanna in America but they have faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Love in Paradise: The Caribbean is on Mondays on TLC at 9/8c and is available to stream on Discovery+.

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