Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story recap: Meet the family

Mark, Martine, and Sherlon of love in paradise: the Caribbean, a 90 day story recap
Major decisions about the future of their relationships need to be made by the Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couples. Pic credit: TLC

As the couples on Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story come closer to having to lay it all out there and make a decision about their futures, a lot of mixed emotions were shared.

Some expectations are not meeting reality as the Americans try to push for the things they want in their relationships.

A few Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couples are not on the same page

Amber was still mad that Daniel quit his job and didn’t get any of the necessary paperwork to file their K-1 visa. And when they went to dinner with Daniel’s brother David, Daniel expressed his desire to have his mom and brother come to America as soon as possible.

Amber got mad at this notion because she wants it to be about them and it also made it feel like Daniel has ulterior motives.

Martine has been pushing Steven hard for a proposal, and even went so far as to involve Steven’s daughter and get her to be excited about the idea. Steven was very annoyed Martine used his daughter in that way.

Later in the episode, Martine introduced Steven to her parents for the first time and it did not go very well. It appeared as though Martine’s parents did not agree with Steven’s DJ lifestyle, and Steven felt like Martine didn’t have his back with them, which contributed to him looking bad.

Martine and Steven
Martine’s parents seemed very wary of Steven after meeting him for the first time. Pic credit: TLC

Communication breakdowns are becoming a problem for some Love in Paradise: The Caribbean couples

Mark tried to get answers out of Key about what the future holds for their relationship, but Key didn’t want any part of that conversation.

Later on, Mark was talking with an old friend from Bocas Del Toro about the fact that they are both seeing other people, but have a don’t ask don’t tell policy about it. Mark expressed his desire to lock Key down in a serious relationship leading to marriage.

Key and Mark
Key is not as worried about the future as Mark is, so Mark is not getting any answers out of Key about it. Pic credit: TLC

Aryanna’s mom, Karen, hounded Sherlon for answers about his intentions with her pregnant daughter, but Sherlon was very evasive. He has not had a serious conversation with Aryanna about their future yet.

New Episodes of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story air Sundays Discovery+.

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