Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days recap: Two under 2

Loren and Alexei
The debut episode of Loren and Alexei: After the 90 Days explored the couple’s life as parents and the issues they’ve faced. Pic credit: TLC

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik’s life as parents of one child with another on the way was explored during the premiere episode of Loren and Alexei: After the 90 Days.

The past six years of Loren and Alex’s lives were discussed and they relived the milestones of their wedding and the birth of their first son. The difficulties with Loren’s first pregnancy were discussed as well as their fears for the second.

Tension between them and between Alex and Loren’s parents was also covered by the pair.

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The strained parts of Loren Brovarnik and Alexei Brovarnik’s relationship were examined

Loren was finding it really difficult to be pregnant and said she requires a lot of support from Alex.

They talked about the week-long trip Alex is taking by himself back to Israel for a cousin’s wedding. Alex hasn’t been back home in two years and decided to extend the trip by three days after Loren gave him the go-ahead to take the trip which caused extra tension.

When Loren’s parents visited while Alex was at work, her dad said that Alex’s trip was irresponsible and selfish considering how pregnant Loren was.

Loren with Shai and her parents
Loren’s parents exacerbated the stress that Loren was already feeling about Alex’s trip back to Israel. Pic credit: TLC

Loren Brovarnik discussed other stressors for her on Loren and Alexei: After the 90 Days

Loren had to deliver her first son Shai by C-section and he was born premature and had to spend time in the NICU. She knows that she will have to deliver by C-section again since she had a procedure done that makes it impossible to give birth naturally. Her other fear is that their second son, who they’ve opted to nickname Boten since they are waiting until he is born to name him, will also be born prematurely.

Loren described that the stress of pregnancy caused her Tourette syndrome to act up more and it’s hard for her to manage.

Loren and Alex visited their friends during the episode who are also parents and they tried to prepare them for what to expect and also cast doubt as to whether Alex’s trip was a good idea while Loren was very pregnant.

At the end of the episode, Loren and Shai dropped Alex off at the airport for his trip to Israel which will be the longest that they have spent apart in six years.

Loren and Shai
Loren became emotional at the airport when she dropped of Alex. Pic credit: TLC

David & Annie: After the 90 Days airs on Mondays at 9:30/8:30c on TLC and Discovery+.

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