Little People, Big World exclusive: Matt’s auction goes bust, and Amy is embarrassed for him

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff thinks his junk is going to sell, but the auction goes south fast. Pic credit: TLC

On Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, a very relatable problem pops up for patriarch Matt Roloff as he tries to divest his farm of junk no longer needed.

But in his mind, the junk has some value, enough so that he hired an auctioneer to auction off his odd lot of gutters, furniture, and farm stuff.

People showed up, but the problem you see in our exclusive clip from the next episode of Little People, Big World is that not enough motivated buyers arrived.

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Matt should have considered a big garage sale promising autographs and selfies with every purchase. That would have allowed more people to think they were getting a better deal, at the very least.

And watching all this unfold is his ex Amy with her new man and his son Zach, who hopes to unload some chairs of his own, too.

As it goes, the intentions were good; the actual event not so much. Matt planned this auction to help declutter the farm and make a little dough.

We see that his expectations for turnout (500+ people) may have been extremely optimistic.

Matt Roloff expected more people

Matt Roloff
Matt Roloff thinks his junk is going to sell, but the auction goes south fast. Pic credit: TLC

Surveying the thin crowd, Matt says: “There’s a couple of hard-core auction buyers that I have known from the auction circuit.”

The auctioneer introduces “Lot number one,” and we listen and watch as the first auction is a bust, no bidders — even at the final price of five bucks.

The second auction rolls in, and that’s a bust too.

“It’s gonna be a long day,” says Matt, who expected gangbusters.

Zach says: “We saw online that like nobody was coming. The Facebook page had like 75 people.”

There is a food truck doing brisk business you will see in the clip. “The only winner here is the guy selling sandwiches,” adds Zach.

Zach Roloff and his leather chairs

Zach asked before the auction begins: “Why would anyone have a bidding war for this stuff?

Meanwhile, Zach paid $300 for a pair of leather chairs, and he hopes they will sell, but they do not. He finds that no one wants the used leather chairs.

As the auctioneer does his thing, these chairs are not impressing the small crowd of potential buyers.

As Zach realizes this auction business is falling flat, he says: “In reality, I will probably make more money selling them online.”

Amy Roloff is dubious

Eating something from the only person doing any business, the food truck man, Amy sums it up: “This is embarrassing.”

You can see in the clip above that Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, are happy together as Amy Roloff is now engaged to her boyfriend, Chris Marek.

The season celebrates the eternal “life goes on” theme and changes as the Roloffs grow with new relationships. After being married for 27 years, Matt and Amy parted ways, but they treat each other with respect and kindness.

They both celebrate their family accomplishments and business ventures done together, and they love their four children who have grown and are all successful in their own right.

The Roloff children, Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob, are working with their parents still too.

And like all of us, COVID-19 and stay at home orders apply to the Roloffs, too.

Matt said in an In-Touch interview, “Everybody in our family is safe and healthy so far,” he said. “Caryn and I are down here in our Arizona home … We’re just really staying in, so is the family up in Oregon, and [they] all [are] doing well.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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