Lindsie Chrisley opens up about lack of support from ex following parents’ guilty verdict

Lindsie Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best.
Lindsie Chrisley didn’t get support from her ex amid her parents’ guilty verdict. Pic credit: USA Network

Lindsie Chrisley is opening up about how Todd and Julie Chrisley’s guilty verdict has affected her.

She was the first family member to speak out about what happened to her parents. Lindsie released a statement on her Instagram Story after the verdict was rendered.

The former reality TV star hinted more would be discussed, and she made good on that promise during a recent episode of the podcast she cohosts with former Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry.

Lindsie Chrisley opens up about Todd and Julie Chrisley’s verdict

Despite the very public mess that happened between Lindsie Chrisley and her father, Todd Chrisley, she appears to be standing by her family.

Lindsie testified during their lengthy trial, and while that was happening, she revealed her ex-husband, Will Campbell, wasn’t cooperative when co-parenting their son, Jackson.

On her podcast, Coffee Convos, Lindsie Chrisley opened up about the latest drama in her life while talking to Kail Lowry.

Regarding Will and their co-parenting situation, “I think that maybe things that have gone on in the past with Will and I, some rockiness with my parents’ relationship with Will and you know, vice versa, his relationship with them, or lack thereof. I think a lot of things kind of came to the forefront over these past two weeks. And Will was pretty much unwilling to switch with me, knowing that I needed to be in court and needed to be there with my family. And that was really hard.”

She’s referring to the tension between Will and Todd that lasted for years. It was present when Lindsie appeared on Chrisley Knows Best, and Todd has made no bones about his displeasure for his then son-in-law.

Lindsie also acknowledged that she didn’t receive any support from Will or his family after what happened to her parents. She said, “I was with Will for 12 years, and in his family for 12 years, very closely in his family. And not one single person, including my ex-husband, reached out to acknowledge anything. So that’s kind of where we are on that front.”

Where does Lindsie Chrisley stand with Todd and Julie Chrisley?

It looks like Lindsie Chrisley is standing beside her parents, following their guilty verdict.

She has not shown up at the Chrisleys’ Nashville home, though. So far, only Savannah Chrisley, Chase Chrisley, and Nic Kerdiles have been seen coming and going from the home where Todd and Julie remain under house arrest.

Grayson, the youngest Chrisey sibling, was recently spotted washing his truck in the driveway of his Nashville home.

Todd and Julie Chrisley face up to 30 years in prison and are due to be sentenced on October 6.

Chrisley Knows Best returns Thursday, June 23, at 9/8c on the USA Network.

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