Lindsey Georgoulis predicts how many MAFS Season 15 couples will be successful 

Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis gives her thoughts on MAFS and offers life updates. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis was an outspoken and explosive member of Married at First Sight Season 14.

With her season behind her, Lindsey has now weighed in on the upcoming Married at First Sight Season 15 couples that will debut next week.

Lindsey shared her predictions for how successful she thinks the San Diego couples will be in terms of compatibility and staying married.

Lindsey Georogulis ‘hopes she’s wrong’ about MAFS Season 15 couples

Lindsey Georgoulis took to her Instagram stories and allowed fans to ask her questions.

One follower wanted to know, “Have you seen the new married at first sight San Diego do you think they made good matches this time.”

Lindsey answered honestly, “First impression: a potential 3/5z.”

After predicting that three couples will last from Married at First Sight Season 15, Lindsey shared, “I’m thinking 2 couples are definitely Not making it. But we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong!”

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey Georgoulis speaks on her Married at First Sight experience 

Lindsey’s followers were also curious about her time on MAFS and how she felt about living with Mark the Shark and many cats. 

A follower asked, “What was it like having 5 cats in the apartment? They were all pretty cute!”

Lindsey replied, “Great question! It was a ton of work! I spent two weeks working from home separating and introducing the cats. Rocky and JC were the best.”

After complimenting two of the cats, Lindsey bashed one of the other cats, Chloe.

Lindsey expressed, “Chloe. Well, I never met a cat I didn’t like. Before Chloe that cat is awful. She peed in my designer bags, and fought with every cat.”

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey Georgoulis would have said ‘no’ on Decision Day  

During their brief marriage, Lindsey had some tense moments with her husband, Mark Maher, and the experts called her out for often hitting below the belt in her arguments with Mark. 

After her biting behavior on the show, a follower asked, “Would you change anything you did or said on the show after watching it?” 

Lindsey replied, “Probably not. Other than a No at Decision Day.” 

Lindsey Georgoulis' Instagram story
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Lindsey continued, “What I did and what I said wouldn’t have changed what character you got to see. I love my life. So take it as a lesson and move on.” 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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