Lei-Yen Rapp explains why Cinco chose Trina over her on Love Island USA

Lei-Yen Rapp explains why Cinco chose Trina over her on Love Island USA
Lei-Yen and Cashay on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Lei-Yen Rapp came onto Love Island USA to find love and ended up eliminated without ever connecting with one man in the villa.

However, Rapp said there were sparks between her and Cinco Holland, although something out of her control got in between them.

It wasn’t Trina Njoroge that kept Cinco from pursuing Lei-Yen, but she said it was actually Cashay Proudfoot that stopped him from pursuing a connection with her.

Lei-Yen Rapp explains what happened with Cinco

Lei-Yen Rapp said that Cinco didn’t want to get involved in another love triangle.

“I think he told me straight up, if the timing was different, he would have definitely wanted to get to know me more,” Lei-Yen said. “It just was right after the moment where he made a decision between Cash and Trina, here comes this other girl’s trying to get him.

“And it was just like putting him back where he was and that wasn’t a good mindset for him to have.”

Cashay and Cinco hit it off quickly, and he had to choose between her and Trina. However, Trina and Cinco went behind Cash’s back and they chose to couple up and Cinco left Cashay as the odd-person out.

This was tough on Cashay, but it also was tough on Cinco as well, according to Lei-Yen.

At the same time, Lei-Wen wanted to become friends with Cashay when she entered the villa, while at the same time wanting to pursue Cinco.

“Honestly, Cashay was the one that before you go in the Villa as a bombshell, you get to watch a little bit. I immediately pointed to her and I was like, we’re going to be friends in the Villa,” Lei-Yen said.

“And it made me feel so awkward because once I heard Cash was with Cinco, that’s the last thing I heard. I was like, I’m going to have to explain to a girl that I want to be friends with, that I like the guy that she’s with and this is going to be awkward, but I want to be honest with her because this is a friendship I do want to build.”

Despite that, Lei-Wen went for Cinco and since he was the only person she tried to hook up with, she went home next because Cinco didn’t want another love triangle.

According to Lei-Wen, she felt they could have connected, but it ended up being “awkward” because Cinco didn’t want more controversy.

Lei-Wen talks Trina on Love Island USA

With Lei-Wen going for Cinco, it seemed like she might find an enemy in Trina.

When Lei-Wen left, many fans thought she blew off Trina and there might be bad blood. Lei-Wen said that was not the truth.

“I actually touched base with her [Trina] on that before I left, I am somebody who tries to stay as unfake as possible,” Lei-Yen said.

“I thought it would have been faker of me to be like laughing with her and being in her face and then pulling Cinco aside all the time and kissing on him. So, I just let her know it was no bad blood.”

Love Island USA Season 3 airs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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