Lauren Bushnell Lane dishes if she’ll have more kids with Chris Lane

Lauren Bushnell Lane
Lauren Bushnell Lane opens up about more kids. Pic credit: @laurenlane/Instagram

Lauren Bushnell Lane is well-known for winning the heart and the final rose on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor.

However, after the controversy of saying he loved two women, it was hard to move on from that. Even after getting their own show together, Lauren and Ben just couldn’t make it.

The good thing for Lauren was that it was a blessing in disguise because she found her true love in Chris Lane. The two got engaged and married and settled down with their baby, Dutton Walker.

Will Lauren and Chris Lane have more than one child?

But will the couple have more babies in the future and give little Dutty a sibling or more? At ten months old, Dutton will celebrate his first birthday in June.

Recently, Lauren had a question and answer session with fans about motherhood, parenthood, whether there would be more kids in her and Chris’ future, and baby names.

When asked, Lauren hinted at the fact that she wanted at least another baby as she stated, “Chris, we need a baby that looks like you!”

Lauren has constantly been told that Dutton looks exactly like her, so she would love to have another baby, so that child would resemble her husband, Chris.

Whether they would stop at that one if baby number 2 looked more like her also, she didn’t say. While Lauren said she’d love to have another, she never did specify if it was just one more and done or not.

Lauren dishes on her favorite baby names

Lauren was also asked about baby names and if she and Chris were on the same page. They obviously both loved Dutton for a boy’s name, but there were others that made the cut.

She revealed, “For a boy – Hayes, Tate, and Lane (but obviously won’t use Lane!) … And for a girl – Rowan or Row, Beale, Bronwyn, and Josie.”

Family time is important to Chris and Lauren

While Chris spends quite a bit of time on the road touring, that doesn’t stop him from being with his family. Lauren and Dutton take time to go and see Chris while he is doing concerts so that they can all be together as a family.

While it’s hard for Chris to be away from Lauren and Baby Dutty, the fact that they meet up with him on some of his tours helps the long stretches of time where he isn’t home with them.

Bachelor Nation fans are hoping for a little sibling for Baby Dutton sometime in the future and love all of Lauren’s favorite names. The question is … Will Baby #2 look like Lauren, and they’ll have to try again for a third, or will Baby #2 be a spitting image of Chris this time?

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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