Latest 90 Day Fiance Spinoff HEA Strikes Back! brings back Happily Ever Cast as they hit back at the haters

We all know Andrei is ready to give his opinion. Pic credit: TLC

We won’t have to live without new drama as the 90 Day fiance franchise is shooting another spin-off to take over your Monday nights.

Fan favorites from this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? are coming back to set the record straight on the brand new series, HEA Strikes Back!.

Hoping to imitate the success of B90 Strikes Back!, the couples will give brand new commentary to their intense moments, along with clapping back to social media and pillow talkers.

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The show will feature self-shot footage to give viewers a fresh look into their home lives, and the couples promise to spill behind the scene secrets that were missed by the cameras.

Happily ever after had its moments

The Happy Ever After? couples have a lot to go over – from Libby’s sister calling Moldovan food ‘peasant food’ to Kalani almost fighting Asuelu’s sister – this season had its intense moments.

Happily Ever Ever? favorites such as Colt and Debbie, Elizabeth and Andrei, and Kalani and Asuelu will all return to spill the tea on their heated moments from the season.

Viewers are curious to see if Asuelu will have a different opinion on the kiss with his mom now that he sees it from a different angle. We’ll also see if Colt responds to 90 Day Fiance Alum Annie Suwan’s dig at him. She joked that she hoped he brought flowers for Jess when she arrived in Las Vegas (he didn’t), unlike he did with ex Larissa Lima.

Following the same pattern of B90 Strikes Back!, each episode of HEA Strikes Back! will review moments of the season of Happily Ever After? in chronological order.

Jess and Larissa meet up

The next episode teased a tense conversation with ex-wife Larissa and Colt’s new flame, Jess. Colt was in hot water after Jess discovered he was sending nude photos to at least 8 other women.

Jess is seen in the clip wishing she had listened to Larissa’s warning, calling Colt a “trash man”.

Viewers can agree we’re all excited for Colt’s response to this conversation when HEA Strikes Back! releases.

The series will premiere Monday, Oct. 5, after the finale of the current season of Happily Ever After?.

90 Day Fiance: HEA Strikes Back! will premiere Monday, Oct 5 on TLC. 

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