Elizabeth Potthast’s sister speaks out after 90 Day Fiance fans take aim over ‘peasant food’ comments

Jen called Moldovan food "peasant food'
Elizabeth’s sister Jen is defending herself. Pic credit: TLC

The relationship between Andrei and Elizbeth’s sister Jen has always been rocky. However on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jen might’ve gone off the tracks when she called his mother’s welcome feast “peasant food.”

While many fans found the comments offensive, she stands by what she said. While dried meat and pork fat are considered traditional in many European countries, she concluded it was due to it being the ‘scraps’ of the animal.

While we already know that Jen isn’t Andrei’s biggest fan, she continues to stir the pot just days after the major blow-up with her brother Chuck.

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Jen defends her harsh comments toward Andrei’s family despite backlash

While the episode was premiering, she went on her Instagram story to further defend her comments.

“OK, so, you guys gotta understand something. Literally just getting off a long-ass flight, coming in, meeting a million people for the first time, film crew in your face, you haven’t eaten anything normal — normal to me, anyway, I’m sorry if I’m offending people — but going in and just being mentally mind-f–ked and then having food in your face that you’ve never seen before in terms of, like, a piece of pig fat on a cracker — raw pig fat — [I am] just not used to that.”

Jen defends her comments and says, ‘you wouldn’t have ate it either’.  Pic Credit: @jaylyn_d / Instagram

She continued to address her “haters” by saying, “Enjoy watching me on your tv though. I’ll be in your living room next Sunday too. I know you can’t wait.”

It’s safe to say Jen was unfazed by the critiques.

Jen wasn’t happy as soon as she got off the plane

As soon as she was picked up from the airport, Jen’s pushing of Andrei’s buttons began. She complained that Moldova didn’t look like any European destination she had ever been too. She described the city as gloomy and depressing but then again – when you’re from the sunshine state, almost anywhere might seem gloomy (especially in November).

She continues to tease Andrei by saying, “No wonder you wanted to move away from here”.

Jen was not a fan of going to Moldova since she first heard about the second wedding, as she had her concerns about the safety of the country.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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3 years ago

I know Andrei is no prize but Elizabeth’s family is so snobby they balance the negativity. All I have to say is “Good Luck” Elizabeth!

kristine hanson
kristine hanson
3 years ago

they were disgusting, so rude to a nice family that prepared all that food for them. and from what I have read they all have police records almost so not the perfect people they make out to be

3 years ago

That Jen is a SNOTTY B***H and so stuck up surprised she doesn’t drowned when it rains her nose is so stuck up in the air…

3 years ago

Jen is sleazy, manipulative and looks like a skank. She is going to ruin her own family.