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Colt Johnson nude pics: 90 Day Fiance star has a history of revealing photos

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Colt Johnson called out by Jess Caroline for sending nudes to other women.
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Colt Johnson called out by Jess Caroline for sending nudes to other women. Pic credit: TLC

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was explosive, to say the least.

Possibly the most shocking was the reveal that Colt had been sending nudes to other women while still dating girlfriend, Jess Caroline.

During the episode, Jess arrives in Las Vegas for a visit. Colt prepares to divulge some secrets that he’s been keeping from her — namely that his friend, Vanessa, is living with him and his mother, Debbie.

Viewers will remember that Vanessa is the friend that Colt told Jess he had cut ties with when she initially expressed feelings of jealousy.

All of which turned out to be a lie when Debbie revealed, while on a trip to Brazil to meet Jess’ family, that Vanessa was back in Las Vegas watching their cats.

Colt ties to ease the tension

To try and eliminate any chance that Jess had to make a scene, Colt thought it would be best if the two met and had the conversation at a cat cafe.

What he didn’t plan for was that she was coming prepared. Jess already knew at least some of what Colt had to tell her, and she beat him to the punch.

Without missing a beat, Jess jumps in and asks, “How’s your dick? You send pictures today?”

It comes to light that eight different women had reached out to Jess on social media, informing her that not only had Colt been talking to them but that he had been sending them nude photos of himself too.

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During an interview cut in with producers, Colt confirms that he was talking to these other women, “While I was talking to these women online, I sent dick pics. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Overcome with embarrassment, and attempting to avoid a public argument, Colt requests that they move their conversation back to his house. Jess reluctantly agrees.

On the ride back to the house, the two banter about who blocked who first on social media, and Jess angrily tells him, “Stop playing with women, okay? I no toy.”

It’s about to get a whole lot worse

Finally, arriving at home, the pair are greeted by Debbie, and the three engage in some incredibly awkward conversation. But Jess isn’t there to play nice and boldly calls Colt out, “You’re a really great actor. Hollywood needs Colt.”

She then proceeds to unload Colt’s secrets yet again, this time in front of Debbie. She goes so far as to offer to show her the types of texts he’s been sending to these other girls.

Knowing that this is no conversation she wishes to be a part of, Debbie wisely opts to leave the room where Colt attempts to smooth this over by admitting that he hasn’t treated Jess like he should have.

“I’m sorry for hurting you. I haven’t been a very good boyfriend to you.”

Then comes the biggest bombshell of the evening, at least for Jess, as Colt tells her that Vanessa has moved in as of a few weeks prior.

Fans will have to wait for next week’s episode to see what’s sure to be an explosive reaction from Jess.

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7C on TLC.

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  1. I absolutely detest Colt! He puts on that fake “sincere” expression, but he is such a disgusting skank!!! I had already thought he was a total jerk when he was with Larissa, but my opinion of him just keeps sinking with each episode. He is so unbelievably immature; rushes into relationships; lies, lies, and lies non-stop. I would love to know why he thinks he is such a catch for women. He lives with his mother; is a big baby; cheats; dick pics (GROSS!); lies constantly; and always tries to twist things so that he is the victim (why do most of the men on this show do that? They are never the victim when they do that and all it does is show that they are way too immature and total jerks!) The only men I like in this series are the gay couple. They are really good to each other and considerate.

  2. Gidget: Well, Michael really IS a victim lol. But yes, I have similar opinions of Colt. What I’ve come to believe (after giving it WAAAAYYY too much thought) is that Colt is either an idiot (I mean REALLY GENUINELY CLINICALLY STUPID) or he WANTED those dick pics released. Anyone with half a brain would know that if he sent out dick pics to 8 different women, ONE of them at least would have come forward or told Jess. What I don’t get is: who are these 8 women? Are they genuinely interested in Colt? I mean, I wouldn’t even chat with him, but even saying a friendly hello and then innocently opening up an attachment, and BLAM: you get hit with a Colt Dick Pic, and you can delete it as fast as you can, but you saw it and will never recover…??!! I mean, could a woman SUE him for doing that to her?


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