Kylie Jenner says Wolf has a new name — Here’s what his name might be

Rapper Travis Scott and girlfriend/television personality Kylie Jenner arrive at the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's 'Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly' held at Barker Hangar on August 27, 2019
Kylie Jenner just said that her son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore. Fans think they may have discovered the baby’s new name. Pic credit: © Press Agency

It’s hard to tell if someone’s name is fitting for them before they’re born, but many people are stuck with the name they’re given on their birth certificate. But if you’re Kylie Jenner’s baby, a name change is a little easier to accomplish.

Kylie revealed on her Instagram story that they changed Wolf’s name because they didn’t feel like it fit him that well. At only seven weeks old, baby Wolf has developed enough personality for his parents to decide that Wolf may not be the right name for him after all. 

The news of the name change comes after Kylie posted a video titled To Our Son, which follows her second pregnancy from the positive pregnancy test to the birth of her baby boy. 

Kylie Jenner reveals that her son’s name isn’t Wolf anymore

After posting her tribute to her son and sharing pictures from her pregnancy throughout the day, Kylie took to her Instagram story to formally announce to her fans. 

“FYI our [son’s] name isn’t Wolf anymore,” she started, adding the smiling sweat drop emoji.

She continued, “We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere [prayer hands emoji].”

Kylie Jenner's Instagram story announcing that Wolf is no longer her son's name
Pic credit: @kyliejenner/Instagram

Kylie and Travis Scott’s son’s new name wasn’t listed in the post, but some fans have an idea of what his new name is.

What is Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s son’s new name?

When he was born on February 2nd, it was revealed that his name was Wolf Jacques Webster. He was given a middle name, unlike his sister Stormi, that paid homage to Travis Scott. Travis’s real name is Jacques Bermon Webster II.

Kylie and Travis haven’t officially announced what the baby’s new name is, but some sleuthing fans believe it may have accidentally been revealed to us in her tribute video.

While at a family gathering with Travis’s family, his mother gives a heartfelt statement to Kylie where she says that Kylie is a great mother to Stormi and that she is grateful that Kylie is the mother of her grandchildren. 

A fan grabbed the clip from the video where she says, “I love you, I love baby Jack, and good luck!” 

Jacques is a family name, so it’s possible that she was simply referring to the baby by his middle name. However, it is possible that they’ve decided to make Jack (or Jacques) his first name rather than Wolf.

Since it hasn’t been confirmed by the parents at this time, fans still have to wait to see what the baby’s new name is. Kylie has been very private about her family on social media lately, but it’s possible that fans will learn more when The Kardashians premieres in April.

The Kardashians premieres Thursday, April 14 on Hulu.

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