Kris Jenner admits to tattooing two of her kids’ names on her, here’s why she didn’t get the rest

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner reveals she only has tattoos for two of her children. Pic credit: ©

Kris Jenner is the matriarchal symbol of the Jenner/Kardashian family. As she is the mother of six children and many more grandchildren, she often seems to face drama.

Jenner piqued curiosity about her tattoos and why she only has tattoos of two of her children’s names and not all six.

Because of this, Kardashian fans are accusing Kris of playing favorites and secretly liking one or two of her children better than the others.

What did Kris Jenner say when asked about her tattoo with her two kids’ names?

During a past appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, the host Ellen talked about Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian’s fiance, and how many tattoos he has.

Kris then revealed that she has a cross really low down in her back with just two of her children’s names. When pressed on which children she got tatted on her body, Kris dished it was Kendall and Kylie.

When asked why she only chose her last two children to ink on her body, Kris revealed, “I decided that that was not a great idea because I have a lot of kids and a lot of grandkids … Can you imagine if I had everybody’s name?”

Kardashian fans have speculated Kris’ favorite child(ren) before

For years, Kardashian fans have speculated that Kim and Kris’ baby, Kylie Jenner, are secretly her favorite children, so it didn’t come as a complete shock that Kylie’s name was on her mom’s body.

In fact, in a recent poll on Reddit, fans were asked who they thought Kris’ favorite child was, and with 744 votes out of the total 1,223 votes, Kylie took home the overwhelming victory.

Second place, in no surprise, was Kim with 388 votes, followed by Kendall, then Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob, who came in last with only four votes.

Pic credit: Reddi/r/KUWTK

What did fans comment on Reddit about the poll?

Comments were listed saying things like, “Kylie actually treats her with so much respect that the others don’t always do…” and talking about how Kylie is the baby of the family and still needs and wants Kris around to help her and her kids.

Pic credit: Reddit/r/KUWTK

Kris has been seen often with Kylie and Kylie’s two kids Stormi, and her son, previously known as Wolf. She has shared articles about Kylie’s successes and achievements and gushed over all that she has accomplished.

While it is speculation from fans that Kylie Jenner is Kris’ favorite child, it does appear that having her name as only one of two children tattooed on her body might just play a part in why fans think that way.

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