Kody and Janelle give love another chance on a dinner date but Janelle says there’s ‘nothing there’ anymore

Kody and Janelle had dinner together but Janelle wasn’t feeling anything for him. Pic credit: Discovery+

Kody and Janelle Brown gave romance another shot, but it was too little too late because Janelle’s feelings had already dwindled.

After telling Kody that she wanted to remain separated, Janelle was willing to go on a romantic date with Kody to see if there was still a spark.

In Sunday night’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody took Janelle to dinner for her birthday at the coveted Mariposa restaurant in Sedona, Arizona.

During their car ride, Janelle was hopeful for a “fun, easy evening” and told Kody that it felt as though they were starting over and getting a chance to redefine their relationship.

However, during a confessional, Janelle admitted that she didn’t think there was much of a path forward for them.

“We just are different people now. He thinks differently. He’s very, very wrapped up with the children at Robyn’s house,” Janelle confessed.

Sister Wives confessional: Janelle admits that trying to rekindle the romance with Kody felt ‘really weird’

Janelle continued to point out that Robyn, 44, and Kody, 54, think a lot alike and have the same goals in life. As far as she’s concerned, though, Janelle doesn’t want to be in a relationship where she isn’t “equally considered.”

Back in the car on the way to Mariposa, the cameras made Janelle a little bit uncomfortable. She told Kody that she didn’t want to ruin their evening with the pressure of the “intrusive” cameras, so they chose to turn them off for their dinner date.

While we didn’t get to see Kody and Janelle’s date night, Janelle gave a synopsis of their evening during another confessional.

Janelle admitted that her and Kody’s date was “nice,” full of beautiful scenery, good food, and a relaxing ambiance. But as far as the romantic factor between them? That fell a little short.

“At one point, I slipped my hand into his out of habit, and I thought, ‘This feels really weird,’ and I took my hand back out of his hand. It just didn’t… it just didn’t feel right anymore,” Janelle declared.

Kody couldn’t understand why he and Janelle weren’t able to reconcile their marriage this time around, especially since they’d worked through several splits in the past. But Janelle offered one major reason why.

“You know, there just isn’t anything there anymore,” Janelle divulged. “There just isn’t.”

Janelle and Kody’s marriage has been on the fritz for years

As Janelle also pointed out, her and Kody’s relationship has been unraveling for years, and Sister Wives viewers have watched their polygamous marriage dissolve over the last few seasons.

We first learned of their latest separation during last season’s Tell All, and since then, it’s looked as though there may not be another reconciliation this time around.

Janelle is enjoying her singlehood, and Kody seems content in his monogamous marriage with his only legal wife, Robyn.

Interestingly, the 54-year-old mom of six revealed that she would consider another plural marriage in her future. Although she’s not interested in dating again for at least another decade, Janelle told PEOPLE that polygamy was a “good fit” for her and hinted that it was Kody, not plural marriage, that was the issue.

“I’m open to plural marriage, but I don’t know if there’s really a lot of men who can actually pull it off,” said Janelle.

Given Janelle and Kody’s inability to rekindle their romantic spark, coupled with their social media activity off-camera, it’s probably safe to say that their plural marriage is kaput for good this time.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9 on TLC.

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