Kim Kardashian will ‘surprise people’ in first ‘real’ acting role, says TV critic

Kim Kardashian selfie
Kim Kardashian might be a surprisingly good actress. Pic credit: @kimkardashian/Instagram

It seems like Kim Kardashian can truly do it all.

As well as a billionaire shapewear mogul, aspiring lawyer, and mother of four, at least one TV critic calls The Kardashians star a surprisingly “not-bad” actress.  

Fans were shocked on Monday when Kim revealed she would appear in the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

Season 12 of the hit FX anthology show, which premieres this summer, will feature the SKIMS founder alongside series veteran Emma Roberts.

When Kim dropped the bombshell news, fans weren’t entirely sold on her acting abilities.

But according to NPR’s TV critic, Eric Deggans, the reality star’s casting “makes all kinds of sense” – and he thinks Kim’s performance will ” surprise people.”

Here’s why Kim Kardashian ‘makes sense’ on AHS

Deggans told TMZ earlier this week that while he was initially “surprised” by the news, the more he thought about it, he realized Kim on AHS actually made sense.

For one thing, Deggans noted, the reality star is reportedly friendly with series creator Ryan Murphy.

Murphy confirmed the news of Kim’s casting to the Hollywood Reporter this week, describing the mogul as a “true force in the culture” and “among the biggest and brightest television stars in the world.”

Murphy, Deggans added, is “attracted to strong women who have a powerful pop culture presence.”

He also pointed out that in 2015, Murphy famously gave another pop cultural icon, Lady Gaga, her first “real acting role,” casting the star as a vampiric countess on AHS Season 5.  

That role launched an acting career that would take her to the Oscars with A Star Is Born.

Kim Kardashian takes on first ‘real’ acting role

AHS might be Kim’s most substantial acting role, but it certainly isn’t her first.

In the past, the reality star has made guest appearances on various shows, including How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock, and in movies such as Ocean’s 8.

Bravely, the SKIMS founder even hosted an October 2021 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Kim clearly “likes going to places in show business that people think she shouldn’t,” Deggans told TMZ, noting that The Kardashians star “didn’t do a half-bad job” on SNL.

While many social media stars have similarly tried to pivot to acting and have been unsuccessful, the critic thinks Kim is “unique.”

Calling the reality star “underestimated,” Deggans said he believes Kim “actually has a talent that not many influencers actually have.”

“I’m excited to see what she does with” the role, Deggans told the outlet.

“I really hope she does well.”

The Kardashians Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Hulu.

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