Kim Kardashian has met Pete Davidson’s grandparents as their relationship continues to get more serious

Kim Kardashian at the 2018 LACMA: Art and Film Gala
Kim Kardashian reportedly met Pete Davidon’s grandparents in New York. Pic credit: ©

Does drama bring people closer together? It might if you’re involved in the Kardashian family.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been seeing each other for several months now and it looks like things might be getting more serious now that Kim’s divorce from Kanye West has been finalized.

Kim has said that she and Pete did not film together for the new Hulu series The Kardashians, so Pete will likely not be involved in any on-screen drama, but that hasn’t stopped other drama from happening.

Despite threats and concerns that Kanye would ruin her relationship with Pete, sources say that Kim met Pete’s grandparents not too long ago.

Kim Kardashian met Pete Davidson’s grandparents in Staten Island

Nothing truly brings a romance together like meeting the family, right? Well, maybe not, but meeting family members is a big step in almost all romantic endeavors.

TMZ reports that Kim recently went with Pete to New York City. Pete is reportedly working on a movie there, but his grandparents live in Staten Island.

After Pete was done filming for the day, a source claims that the two went to spend time with his family and Kim got to meet Pete’s grandparents.

Pete’s mom has given input on their relationship in the past and Pete has been around many members of the Kardashian family, including Kris Jenner.

Many of Kim’s friends have also revealed that they think Pete is a really great person and that he’s been great for Kim, even if her ex-husband disagrees. However, that’s not the only thing Kanye disagrees with when it comes to Kim.

Kanye West doesn’t think it’s right for parents to choose a favorite child, disagrees with Kim Kardashian

In a resurfaced clip of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim says that her son Saint is one of her favorite people, but Kanye doesn’t think the statement is as harmless as Kim does.

Kanye interrupts and says that it’s not right for parents to choose favorites out of their kids, but Kim doesn’t see the problem as it’s apparent that she was Kris Jenner’s favorite for years, even though Kylie is apparently the new favorite.

Kim tried to defend herself further, saying that the other kids would never know about any of them being favorites, to which Kanye responded, “Oh yeah, they would just watch this.”

Kanye frequently faces heavy criticism and backlash for his outlandish actions and statements, but when it comes to kids, many agreed that parents shouldn’t pick favorites.

The Kardashians premieres on Hulu Thursday, April 14.

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