Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora take aim at Sonja Ross after RHOA episode airs

RHOA Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora
Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora take aim at Sanya Ross after RHOA episode airs. Pic credit: Bravo

The latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta titled Cabin Fever was filled with drama. 

After the episode aired, Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora took to Twitter to shade their co-star, Sanya Ross. 

There was a lot of drama on that trip. Fans are still trying to figure out what happened on what will probably go down as the shortest trip ever in Housewives history. 

There was drama, a chase, and multiple arguments.

Marlo was arguing with Kenya and Drew and Sidora kept going at it. Security even had to step in twice to keep things civilized. 

However, it was Sanya who lit the match and poured gasoline on the fire. 

Kenya Moore and Drew Sidora take aim at Sanya Ross on Twitter

After the episode aired, Drew Sidora tweeted, “Oh girl you gotta watch out for @sanyarichiross Messy and now the new bone collector.”

Drew Sidora took aim at Sanya Richi Ross
Pic credit: @DREWSIDORA/Twitter

Kenya retweeted a fan calling Ross a hypocrite. Moore caption the repost, “No lies told” and made sure to tag Drew Sidora.

Sanya creates a false narrative and fuels the feud between Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton

When Kenya didn’t acknowledge Marlo Hampton, Sanya sat with the CEO of Kenya Moore Hair Care to get her to soften up. She claimed she wanted to bring peace between the two. 

Kenya explained to the Olympic medalist that Marlo kicking out her nephews triggered her. The former Miss USA opened up to Ross about some traumatic past experiences that gave her abandonment issues. 

She even goes into details she never has before, saying she ran away from home as a teenager. 

However, as soon as their conversation ended, Sanya went to get Sheree and go to Marlo’s room, making Sheree leave the breakfast she was about to eat. 

There, she reported what Kenya had confided in her. Marlo got upset, thinking Kenya was judging her and badmouthing her nephews.

Kenya took to Twitter to share her disappointment in Sanya’s behavior. 

She first addressed the part where the Olympic Gold Medalist said in her confessional that Marlo’s issues with Kenya are different from her problems with Drew. 

She tweeted, “Actually Sanya it’s exactly the same. You have all these issues with @drewsidora for the way she moves with other ppl but have seen Marlo drag me and @Kandi and have no issue.”

Kenya Moore tweeted at Sanya after RHOA
Pic credit: @KenyaMoore/Twitter

Kenya later retweeted a viewer who wrote,” @KenyaMoore was being genuine and opening about her past just so @SanyaRichiRoss to go back to @iheartMarlo and create a narrative that wasn’t the conversation.”

Kenya Moore tweets about running away
Pic credit: @KenyaMoore/Twitter

Kenya further explained her conversation with Sanya in two other tweets. In the first one, she said, “I ran away because my family gave me back when I acted out. I can’t do conditional love.”

Viewers largely sided with Kenya in her beef with Sanya. However, they questioned Drew Sidora’s authenticity after she threw a dog treat, on the floor, telling Sherees’s friend, Fatum to go and fetch it; calling her a lapdog.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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