Kenny Niedermeier shares throwback photo from when he was 19

Kenny Niedermeier
Kenny Niedermeier shared a photo of himself from his teen years. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans were treated to a rare throwback photo share from The Other Way spinoff star Kenny Niedermeier.

The now-59-year-old shared a photo of himself from when he was just 19.

The photo Kenny shared had an obvious sepia and black and white edited appearance, save for his eyes.

Kenny appeared to be wearing a backward hat as his curly dirty blonde hair peeked out from underneath.

Kenny’s blue eyes stood out in the throwback as the only part of the color in the image. The filters muted the rest of Kenny’s features, but it was obvious Kenny was much younger because of his skin appearance.

Kenny wrote in the reflective caption at the bottom of the throwback, “19 years old…what a life I was to lead.”

Kenny Niedermeier's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @kenneth_90day/Instagram

Kenny Niedermeier’s family

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way viewers met Kenny originally when he was on Season 2 and moved down to Mexico to be with his now-husband Armando Rubio who is 26 years younger than Kenny.

Kenny, who is from Ohio but moved to St. Petersberg, Florida, has four children, one son and a set of all-girl triplets who are now grown.

When Kenny was living in Florida, he was very present in all of his children’s lives and helped to raise his grandson Cooper, so when he moved to Mexico, it was very hard on his family.

Armando had a daughter, Hannah, from his previous relationship with his late wife.

In Season 3 of The Other Way, Kenny and Armando tied the knot but also went back and forth with the idea of having a child together to blend their family. They went between having a surrogate with Kenny’s sperm or adopting a child.

Kenny now has two grandchildren after his daughter Cassidy, who was pregnant in Season 3, gave birth to a boy last year.

Kenny and Armando have a new pet

In early 2022, Kenny and Armando shared the sad news that Kenny’s beloved dog, Truffles, had crossed the rainbow bridge. Truffles had become a staple of the show and the couple’s lives.

It seems that Kenny and Armando consoled themselves by getting a puppy, Mika, a French Bulldog.

The pair did a photoshoot with Mika for her half-birthday, and Kenny noted that “Dogs truly bring us so much love and joy.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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