Kenny Braasch pays homage to BIP’s signature ‘black box censor’ in censored pic of Mari Pepin

Kenny Braasch
Kenny Braasch shares a censored pic of fiancee Mari Pepin. Pic credit: ABC

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin are still going strong after falling in love on Bachelor in Paradise.

Kenny recently shared a photo of one of their more domestic moments and had to use The Bachelor franchise’s signature black box to censor Mari’s lower half.

Kenny Braasch shares a censored photo of Mari Pepin cooking 

Kenny and Mari are both comfortable and free when it comes to their bodies, as was proven during their time on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

During one of Kenny and Mari’s Bachelor in Paradise dates, the pair stripped down and ate tacos off of each other’s bodies and seemed quite comfortable with the experience. 

Kenny also created some buzz when he first arrived in paradise and had a constant black box censoring his nether regions to create the illusion that he was on the beach fully nude. However, a fan was able to notice an editing error that revealed Kenny was in fact wearing bottoms and the censor was just a schtick for the show. 

Now, Kenny has brought back the black censor box in a photo he shared on his Instagram stories. 

In the photo, Mari chopped food at the kitchen counter in a white long-sleeved shirt as Kenny appeared to take a photo of her from behind. 

Kenny also censored her behind with a black box, suggesting Mari was either wearing no bottoms or wearing something rather exposing. 

Mari Pepin on Kenny Braasch IG story
Pic credit: @kennybraasch10/Instagram

Kenny and Mari are in the midst of wedding planning 

Kenny came on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 with his sights set on Mari from the beginning. Kenny and Mari hit it off fast, however, things got complicated when Kenny ended up in a love square of sorts as he received interest from Demi Burnett and Tia Booth as well. 

Despite allegedly getting intimate with Demi, Kenny ultimately decided he wanted to commit to Mari and the pair were one of three couples that got engaged at the end of the season.

Now Kenny and Mari are planning their wedding and shared late last year that they were in the process of scouting wedding venues. 

It’s possible the couple will have their wedding at the La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico as that’s one of the places they attended while scouting venues. 

As time goes on, there’s sure to be even more information released about Kenny and Mari’s wedding plans. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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