Kendall Long and her boyfriend do their first-ever interview as a couple

Kendall Long
Kendall Long and her boyfriend do their first interview yet. Pic credit: ABC

Kendall Long made her first appearance with the franchise on Season 22 of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

After making it for quite some time, Kendall was eliminated and not given the chance to win Arie’s heart. However, she took her chance on Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise and did find love with Joe Amabile, aka Grocery Store Joe.

Whereas the two left the show apart, they then reconciled after and stayed together until they called it quits in January of 2020.

While Kendall has had some setbacks and heartbreak in the past, she has seemed to really find love in her current boyfriend, Mitchell Sage, whom she revealed on social media this month as well. In fact, the two just did their very first interview as a couple this past week.

How did Kendall Long and her boyfriend Mitchell Sage meet and when?

Kendall and Mitch sat down with to answer some questions about how they met, when that was, and plans they might have.

The first question they were asked is how they met. Kendall answered first by saying, “We met through a mutual friend at a pregame party!” Mitch added that he plays on a volleyball team with that said mutual friend, and they were all meeting up one night at the beach. He revealed that is where he and Kendall officially met, and it was a pretty relaxed atmosphere, so they were able to talk quite a bit.

When asked how long ago this was, Kendall declared that it was actually right before Christmas. She went on to state, “The thing that made me really attracted to him right off the bat was we were talking about aliens and space and I was talking about the moon off of Jupiter that could potentially harbor alien life.”

After Kendall said that, Mitch had supposedly joined in with, “That’s Europa.” Kendall couldn’t believe he knew the name of that moon and was so excited that he was just as interested in that topic as she was.

Kendall and Mitch planning their first big trip together, have met the parents

Kendall then relayed the fact that the couple has been planning their first trip together abroad and going to the U.K. She commented, “I heard you learn a lot about someone when you travel with them. I’m really interested to see how we’re going to do!”

While Mitch revealed he had never seen Kendall on any of the Bachelor franchise shows, he did say that it has been crazy to see how many people recognize and know Kendall. He also stated that Kendall is super sweet to any random person who comes up to her, and he really likes that quality about her.

Both Mitch and Kendall discussed the fact that they have both met each other’s parents, and it couldn’t have gone better. It seems these two have hit it off with their personalities and interests. Bachelor Nation is rooting for you both, Kendall and Mitch.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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