Kelly Dodd says she was ‘blindsided’ by RHOC firing despite warning fans she could be let go months ago

Newly fired RHOC star Kelly Dodd says she was blindsided by the news despite hinting at it months ago
Kelly Dodd claims she was blindsided by RHOC firing. Pic credit:©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide

Real Housewives of Orange county viewers saw Kelly Dodd’s firing coming a mile away, but the newly axed star claims she was blindsided.

Her comment is an interesting one given that months ago, Kelly told fans on social media that she would most likely be let go after a slew of questionable comments and behavior on social media over the past few months.

Kelly Dodd says she was blindsided by RHOC firing

The Real Housewives of Orange County star had a recent chat with Jeff Lewis Live to share more details about her exit from the show, she was also joined by husband Rick Leventhal.

According to Kelly, she wasn’t privy to the news of her exit before it was revealed to the public, admitting that, “I was blindsided!”

Despite the claims about being surprised, Kelly told fans months ago that she was likely to be axed. She was asked by a follower on social media in January about her return and the OC Housewife clearly knew she was on the chopping block.

Viewers have been urging the network to fire the 45-year-old for a few seasons now and each time Kelly returned to the show, so maybe she thought the same would happen this time around, but she was wrong.

Kelly Dodd admits she got herself fired

During her chat with Jeff Lewis, the Real Housewives of Orange County star shared how she found out about her firing.

Kelly got the call from one of the owners of the production company Evolution. “They’re the ones who pay us, we really deal with Evolution, we really don’t deal with Bravo at all,” revealed Kelly.

“He called me and he said, ‘I hate to say this,’ and I’m like, ‘Uh oh.’ He’s like but, ‘We are not going to ask you back for next season,’ And I said, ‘Well, why, was it political?’ And he said, ‘No, Bravo wanted to take a different direction than you.”

The reality TV personality said she queried if her Q- ratings had anything to do with it. Q-rating is “a measure of popularity of people on TV” as explained by Kelly’s husband Rick, who also chimed in about his wife.

“There’s no one more popular. Even if people hate her, they love to hate her. They love to watch her,” remarked Rick. “She was the brightest spark on that show. I have to say, when that phone call came, I was very surprised because even though she’s been so controversial, she’s still great television.”

Despite blaming her own firing on cancel culture, haters, and “the woke broke,” Kelly eventually took some accountability.

“Ultimately, I got fired because of myself. I’m the one who got myself fired. I was like Howard Stern with WNBC…I was causing them a lot of grief. I was causing them a lot of trouble, and I’m sorry about that. I feel bad.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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