Kelly Clarkson planning a major overhaul of her daytime talk show

Kelly Clarkson hosting her talk show
Kelly Clarkson hosting her talk show. Pic credit: NBC

There have been a lot of rumors on who may or may not be leaving The Voice next season.

This includes Kelly Clarkson, who has made hints that she wants to back away a little from all her commitments.

The news about her daytime talk show has increased fears she might be leaving The Voice.

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Kelly Clarkson changing up her daytime talk show

Kelly Clarkson is going to revamp her daytime talk show.

According to Us Weekly, Kelly will be taking over the Ellen DeGeneres role on the network once Ellen ends her series.

“She will be taking a few weeks off to take the kids on vacation but will be focused on a complete overhaul of her show as she takes over for Ellen,” an insider told the site.

What does this mean for Kelly and her time?

She has already said that she wants to back away a little, and fans thought that meant she might leave The Voice.

However, she then signed on to co-host American Song Contest, which has been a rating disaster for NBC as it loses soundly to American Idol every week.

There is almost no chance that NBC wants to lose Kelly from The Voice, as they have complete confidence in her based on bringing her in for American Song Contest.

She is also one of the best coaches on the show, winning in 50% of her seasons, the best mark of any coach in the show’s history.

Kelly is making big changes on The Kelly Clarkson Show to up its prestige factor to take over Ellen’s spot, but The Voice fans don’t likely have any worries about losing her.

Is anyone leaving The Voice in 2022?

The biggest rumor is that Ariana Grande will leave the show, and there are also rumors that NBC has approached Jennifer Lopez to join the show as her replacement.

The rumors ran wild last season that NBC was considering dropping Blake Shelton and bringing in younger stars like Ariana to freshen up the show.

However, ratings dropped, and fans didn’t vote for any of Ariana’s singers to make it to the finals, showing that fans of The Voice preferred the older, more established singing stars as coaches.

Some fans thought John Legend was leaving because of his new Las Vegas residency, but his schedule shows that he can do both.

Then, there is Kelly Clarkson, who talked about making changes in 2022 to spend more time with her kids and has her big talk show, but she is likely staying put on The Voice, at least for now.

The Voice is on hiatus. The singing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to NBC.

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