Katie Morton confirms she is no longer with boyfriend James Rowe

Katie Morton on the beach
Katie Morton reveals why her relationship with James Rowe didn’t work out. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 star Katie Morton had been fairly private about the status of her relationship with James Rowe. However, she is now ready to speak out about where they stand. 

In a recent video, Katie provided some life updates and revealed that she is no longer in a relationship with James Rowe as well as one of the main factors behind their split. 

Katie Morton reveals why she and James Rowe went their separate ways 

Katie Morton shared a video to her brand new YouTube channel Katie Mo on Video in order to enter the new year with full transparency. 

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The nearly 6-minute video was titled, Life Update – Answering The Questions I’ve Been Avoiding, and Katie vulnerably opened up about the end of her relationship with boyfriend James Rowe. 

The very first question Katie addressed was “Where’s James?” And she proceeded to explain how the identity crisis of athletes impacted their decision to go their separate ways, as James is a soccer player.

Katie explained that she hadn’t resigned the lease on her California home because she and James were hoping he’d get on an MLS team in America so that they could move in together.

However, James didn’t get on an American team like they’d hoped and it left both of them having to unexpectedly figure out what their new next steps would look like. 

Katie confessed, “There were a lot of things that came into play that put a lot of pressure on us and ultimately we separated at the end of August.”

Katie shared that some of the doubts that arose in the relationship included not knowing when they’d see each other again, wondering if their relationship was just bad timing, and overall feeling the relationship wasn’t going how they wanted it to despite still having love for each other. 

Katie also expressed that as an athlete, “there comes this period where you stop having the opportunity to be what you’ve been your whole life and there’s a sort of identity crisis that sets in. I knew that James could potentially be going through that. And part of me wanted to be the person to help him through it and part of me knew that, when I went through that, having someone as a crutch actually hindered me and I needed to be on my own in order to learn and get past it and stop expecting things to happen for me in certain ways.”


Katie Morton says the split was amicable and plans to see James again

Upon agreeing to end their relationship over the summer, Katie Morton shared, “We separated and I would say it was a decently amicable split.”

After the split, Katie was left without a home, as Katie recalled “then all of a sudden I did not have a place to live and, let me tell you, your girl was not happy.”

Katie is currently living with her parents which has been a great experience for her as she revealed she hadn’t spent long periods of time with her family in about 11 years. 

While Katie and James are no longer dating, Katie did update that James will be visiting her soon. 

Time will tell if Katie and James decide to rekindle. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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