Kathy Swarts throws support behind Susan Noles after The Golden Bachelor elimination

Kathy and Susan on The Golden Bachelor
Kathy is cheering for Susan after her own elimination on The Golden Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Golden Bachelor viewers rejoiced when Gerry Turner finally sent Kathy Swarts home.

She was one of two women who didn’t get a rose in the latest rose ceremony, effectively ending the drama she started with Theresa Nist.

Kathy wouldn’t stop coming for Theresa over claims that she was bragging about her connection with Gerry.

The shocking part is that Kathy was just as obnoxious with it, showing off her early rose last week after Gerry felt sorry for her when she complained to him about Theresa being mean.

While there, Kathy was part of a little clique they called ASKN, but that The Golden Bachelor viewers started referring to as “mean girls.”

There is only one of those ASKN women left after Gerry said goodbye to April, Kathy, and Nancy, all in the same episode.

Kathy shares support for Susan with a shady video

Kathy Swarts didn’t address her exit from The Golden Bachelor or her part in the drama between herself and Theresa.

Instead, she shared a shady video that showed her support for Susan, who is the only ASKN woman left in the mansion.

It also proved that Susan is a little shady because, in it, she was making a joke about Kathy’s “zip it” line to Theresa that about put Gerry over the edge.

That’s unfortunate, considering the sweet gift Gerry gave Susan in the last episode while sharing the qualities he sees in her that he also loved about his late wife.

One of them was empathy, and we have to wonder how empathetic Susan has been toward Theresa, who definitely didn’t deserve Kathy’s wrath.

ASKN women called ‘mean girls’ by The Golden Bachelor viewers

After the third episode, The Golden Bachelor viewers took to social media to call out Kathy and her friends.

The ladies called themselves ASKN, clearly missing a much cooler nickname — SNAK. But they didn’t deserve that fun name anyway because Bachelor Nation thinks they are just a bunch of “mean girls,” and they earned several comparisons to The Plastics from the movie Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan.

Hopefully, Gerry got his message across when he sent April and Kathy home during the last rose ceremony.

That should end the drama with Theresa, but, as we know, in Bachelor Nation, usually the drama ramps up as the pressure builds.

There are only six women left out of the original 22, and that means everyone left has a great connection with Gerry and will be fighting for their chance to win him over and win the show.

The Golden Bachelor airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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