Kathy Hilton doesn’t hold back about ‘compulsive’ Kyle Richards splitting with Mauricio Umansky

Kathy Hilton on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
Kathy Hilton has quite a revelation for viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

Ever since it was revealed that Kathy Hilton took part in the reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, there have been questions about what she could bring to the table after not filming a single scene as the show was airing.

In the second part of the reunion, the cast learned that she was getting ready and would soon join them on the stage.

Truthfully, the surprise appearance announcement didn’t land with the pizazz producers expected, with many of the cast members nodding in agreement when they heard she was there.

Maybe they spotted her trailer marked with her name or something.

Either way, after a season of meandering storylines and some cast members (I’m looking at you, Dorit Kemsley) bringing virtually nothing to the table, it seemed like a last-ditch effort from producers to drum up some interest for the reunion.

As the people who actually appeared in front of a camera this season went at it on the main stage, we checked in with Hilton, who arrived at the set in her pajamas.

Kathy Hilton dropped a behind-the-scenes bombshell

While getting glammed up, she finally reacted to her sister Kyle Richards’ split with Mauricio Umansky after over 20 years of marriage.

Hilton, 64, prefaced what she was about to say by saying that she isn’t fond of “having bad energy with anyone” and noted that the reunion presented the opportunity to help her sister heal.

The Paris in Love star said that Umansky and Richards were going in two separate directions while working.

Hilton then called her sister a “compulsive person” and said that she knows, for a fact, that “she doesn’t just jump to make a decision.”

She stated her belief that “Kyle didn’t decide this in three months” before saying that, from her perspective, it was probably “the last three, four years.”

Kathy Hilton seemingly regretted her admission

Hilton has a habit of speaking before thinking when the cameras are on her, as evidenced by her previous appearances on the show. But she did admit that “she shouldn’t say that” about believing her sister decided to part ways with Umansky long ago.

The status of Richards and Umansky’s relationship has been a hot topic throughout one of the worst seasons of RHOBH, mainly because it seemed like viewers — and Richards’ cast members — were in the dark about what was happening behind closed doors.

Richards recently revealed that she and Umansky separated before the cameras got rolling, but they wanted to do what they could to protect their daughters.

On the RHOBH season finale, we watched Richards open up about the issues in the relationship. We’ll see Umansky’s side of it play out when Buying Beverly Hills Season 2 launches on Netflix later this month.

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards are finally on good terms

The good news about Hilton’s arrival at the reunion is that she seems to be on excellent terms with her sister.

Last season, they had a rough time and left the stage more apart than ever, but the teaser for the third and final part of the reunion shows Hilton being there for Richards in her time of need.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo. Stream Seasons 1-13 on Peacock.

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