Kate Chastain has an important decision on The Traitors 2

Kate Chastain on The Traitors 2
The Traitors 2 brought back Below Deck’s Kate Chastain for a another go. Pic credit: Peacock

Kate Chastain loves the spotlight and has it for the new episode of The Traitors 2.

Phaedra Parks decided to give Kate the chance to become a Traitor. But it wasn’t much of a choice.

Kate can become a Traitor or be sent home. Host Alan Cumming let Phaedra know the stakes, and that’s what she decided.

Dan Gheesling began the season with Phaedra as the two Traitors. They then invited Parvati Shallow to join them.

Dan became an early target and was the first Traitor to be Banished. Parvati then invited Peter Weber to become a Traitor, but he declined.

Parvati was also Banished after acting suspiciously, leaving Phaedra as the only remaining Traitor. And that’s when the Real Housewife turned to Kate.

Will Kate Chastain become a Traitor?

Kate was a chief stew on Below Deck for many years. As such, she knows what it is like to be in a position of power.

She also has a good standing in the house, and nobody has openly suspected her of being a Traitor. That could play to her advantage if she accepts Phaedra’s offer.

Kate was also one of the people who pushed hard to get Parvati out. It’s also an asset that she is close to the two Real Housewives who remain in the game.

The only alternative for Kate would be to accept her fate of being Murdered. While Kate tends to quit challenges on The Traitors that make her uncomfortable, taking power seems to be in her wheelhouse.

If Kate accepts the offer from Phaedra, then nobody gets Murdered. It will be slightly suspicious, but the other players could think the Traitors targeted someone with a Shield.

We will all find out what Kate Chastain decides on the February 22 episode of The Traitors 2.

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The Traitors 2 airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Peacock.

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