Kandi Burruss didn’t know some of her Old Lady Gang staff were hooking up until she saw it on the show

Kandi Burruss reveals she learned her staff was hooking up after watching her show, Kandi & The Gang.
Kandi & The Gang star Kandi Burruss shares how she learned some of her staff were hooking up. Pic credit: Bravo

Kandi Burruss has become arguably one of Bravo’s most successful reality stars.

The singer-songwriter known for being a member of the 90’s R&B group Xscape, joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta during Season 2 and has since had multiple spin-off shows on the network.

Currently, she’s starring in Kandi & The Gang, which follows the ins and outs of her family’s restaurant in Atlanta.

Kandi Burruss is surprised by her staff at OLG

Old Lady Gang is the restaurant Kandi and her husband Todd opened to honor the recipes of her mom and aunts. It has been dubbed a place to enjoy southern cuisine and classic soul food in the south.

Kandi & The Gang follows the restaurant’s operations and gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at how things are run. The show also introduces the world to Kandi’s staff, including the bartender, manager, and kitchen staff.

In an interview with Insider, Kandi shared that watching her show revealed that some of her staff were more than just coworkers and were actually hooking up. She says, “Some of the relationships that are happening in our restaurant – some of them I think ‘okay.’ But some of them I didn’t know they had hooked up!”

She continued, saying, “Like, I knew some people were liking each other or whatever, but a couple of them, I was like ‘who, what?’ I didn’t know that was going on. It was a surprise!”

Kandi may have been referring to the relationship between Brandon Black, who is the manager at OLG, and Dom’Unique Variety, who works as a bartender. The two have become a fan-favorite duo on the show, especially after Brandon shared he took the job at OLG only after learning Dom’Unique worked there.

Kandi bares it all on the show

When asked about the show, Kandi shared it was important to show the world everything it takes to own and operate a restaurant. She says she “wanted to show people that even though we’re ‘celebrities,’ we still have the same struggles that other business owners have when it comes to having your own small business.”

Kandi is no stranger to being a businesswoman. She and her husband have opened other restaurants in the Atlanta area, while she also balances multiple ventures with her music career.

Since starring in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she has also made television appearances on The Masked Singer, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, and Celebrity Big Brother. She has been a part of multiple Bravo shows, including the filming of her own wedding, which became a ratings hit for the network.

Kandi & The Gang airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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