Kandi Burruss and NeNe Leakes ‘don’t really talk’ after NeNe left Real Housewives of Atlanta

kandi burruss speaks with steve harvey about nene leakes leaving rhoa
Kandi Burruss spoke with Steve Harvey about NeNe Leakes leaving RHOA. Pic credit: STEVE on Watch/Facebook

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently said she and former castmate NeNe Leakes “don’t really talk” after Leakes announced her departure from the show.

Burruss also gave her thoughts about NeNe’s decision to leave, as the show prepares for Season 13 on Bravo.

Leakes announced her exit several months ago after appearing on all but three seasons of the popular reality television series. NeNe indicated she left due to negotiations breaking down, but there may be more to it than that.

Kandi Burruss speaks about NeNe leaving RHOA

A video clip recently arrived from STEVE on Watch, as part of an upcoming Kandi Burruss conversation with her neighbor Steve Harvey on Facebook Watch.

During the teaser clip, Steve brought up the topic of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and NeNe Leakes leaving the show.

“Have you spoken to her about it? Do you all talk about it?” Steve asked.

“No, we don’t really talk,” Burruss said with regard to the relationship she and her former castmate have now.

Steve followed up by asking Kandi to give her take on the situation, and Burruss said it was due to Leakes failing to get what she wanted from Bravo.

“I think you know in negotiations, sometimes we get what we want, sometimes we don’t get what we want…You know sometimes if we don’t get what we want we have to make the decision on if we want to part ways and I think she made that decision for herself,” Burruss said as far as her understanding of Leakes’ situation.

While Leakes is gone, Burruss will be back again for Season 13. She has appeared on every season since joining in the second installment of the series.

Leakes’ departure comes after nine seasons

Back in mid-September, the 52-year-old Leakes made her big announcement that she was officially leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Leakes posted a YouTube video informing fans of her “difficult” decision ahead of Season 13.

“I have been on an extremely, extremely long, exhausting, tiring, emotional negotiation. There’s a lot of emotion flying from both sides,” Leakes said in her video announcement.

“It has been hard, and I have made a hard, difficult decision to not be a part of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 13,” she announced in her video. “It wasn’t an easy decision for me. It was hard.”

Her exit from the show comes after she appeared on nine seasons, starting with the debut season of RHOA on Bravo in which she helped launch the popular series as one of its biggest stars.

She’d appear on the show until Season 7, at which point she took a break. NeNe then returned for Season 10 and was on until this past season. However, viewers won’t see her next season or beyond, based on her announcement.

Over a week after posting the announcement video, further details arrived as Leakes claimed she was forced out of RHOA by Bravo. According to ET Online’s report, Leakes also said, “[I] can’t wait to tell my truths.”

Leakes also talked to ET to address comments made by Wendy Williams regarding her departure from the reality TV series.

Viewers are hoping they’ll learn more about Leakes’ truths about the situation at some point in the future. It’s possible that her castmate Kandi Burruss may shed more light as well. Her full conversation with Steve Harvey arrives on Monday, November 9, on Facebook Watch.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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