Kalani Faagata’s boyfriend Dallas Nuez unveils his face for the first time

kalani faagata confessional screenshot
Kalani’s boyfriend, Dallas, is ready for the 90 Day Fiance universe to see his face. Pic credit: Discovery+

After months of keeping his identity under wraps, Kalani Faagata’s boyfriend, Dallas Nuez, has finally put a face to the name.

Kalani and Dallas have been dating for nearly a year following Kalani’s split from Asuelu Pulaa.

After Asuelu admitted to cheating on Kalani multiple times throughout their marriage, he offered her the opportunity to take a “hall pass,” and she did.

Kalani wasn’t expecting to fall for the man she was only supposed to share a kiss with. And neither was Asuelu.

Kalani and Dallas got serious pretty quickly, reportedly moving in together just months after they began dating.

And, as Monsters and Critics recently reported, Kalani and Dallas shocked 90 Day Fiance fans with the news they secretly welcomed a daughter together.

Over the past year, Kalani and Dallas have kept mum about the details of their romance, even going as far as shielding Dallas’ face on Instagram.

But now, Dallas is ready for the 90 Day Fiance universe to see what the man behind Kalani’s newfound happiness looks like.

Kalani’s hall-pass-turned-baby daddy shows his face for the first time

Dallas shared some photos in his Instagram Story this week, beginning with lashing out at 90 Day Fiance sleuths who have incorrectly identified him online.

90 Day Fiance fan account recently posted a photo of a man they claimed was Dallas, but as the California-based security employee explained, he’s been mistaken for his hairdresser.

Dallas shared a screenshot of the post and, in the caption, exclaimed, “I’m going to say this one time….this is my barber lmfao.”

dallas nuez shared a photo of himself in his instagram stories
Dallas revealed his face and set the record straight about his barber. Pic credit: @dallas.n714/Instagram

“I’m not sure how or why people are this f**king dumb and haven’t realized that’s NOT me,” he continued. “You guys already know what I look like. LEAVE HIM ALONE.”

In a subsequent slide, Dallas uploaded a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter.

“THAT is me,” he wrote in the caption. “Now leave my barber alone.”

Kalani and Dallas have been shielding his face on social media for a year

As Monsters and Critics also reported, Kalani told her Instagram followers last fall that she and Dallas weren’t ready to unveil his identity.

She often used oversized emojis to cover Dallas’ face in photos, and as she told her followers in November 2023, “You’ll get a full pic someday, not today.”

As it turns out, Kalani and Dallas are experts at keeping their private lives out of the public eye, but there may have been some writing on the wall.

The news that Kalani and Dallas kept her pregnancy and their daughter’s birth a secret was shocking, but she hinted at having a third child in September 2023.

During an Instagram Story Q&A, Kalani told her fans that she wanted more children and that her relationship with her mom made her long for a daughter.

“I’m 35 so I feel like it’d have to happen this year or not at all,” Kalani added. “But also my boys never stop fighting so.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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