Kaitlyn Bristowe opens up about hormonal depression and the toll it takes

Kaitlyn Bristowe in black
Kaitlyn Bristowe vulnerably offers up insight into her mental health. Pic credit: ABC

Kaitlyn Bristowe appears to have quite a glamorous life on the outside looking in, however, she felt it was important to peel back the curtain and vulnerably discuss her challenges as well. 

Kaitlyn took to social media to share about her hormonal depression and detail the unfiltered reality of suffering from mental health issues. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe says hormonal depression puts her in shameful spirals 

In an Instagram post, Kaitlyn Bristowe shared a photo of herself in a car with minimal makeup and a comfy lavender outfit. She held a large iced coffee as she stares into the lens.

Along with the photo, Kaitlyn shared a lengthy post about some of the issues she’s been wrestling with. 

She began her caption by saying, “Let’s have a little unfiltered moment and talk mental health.” 

While Kaitlyn shares tons of fun and beautiful snapshots from her life on social media, she felt compelled to offer up a different more stripped-down side of herself. 

Kaitlyn expressed, “I wanted to take a break from my glam shots, filtered photos, trips, and my tour, to let you know I also struggle with mental health. This page is mainly my highlight reel, but I love to mix in some raw s**t to keep it real.” 

Kaitlyn broke down why she was having such a rough day by opening up about her hormonal depression and saying, “Today I am struggling and it’s NO surprise that I’m on my period. I have hormonal depression like a MF. It puts my relationship through hard times, it puts me in shameful spirals, and I just sat on a 5 hour flight talking myself out of a panic attack.” 

The Bachelorette cohost then acknowledged that she has a good life that she’s proud of but it doesn’t mean some days don’t still weigh heavily on her. 

Kaitlyn wrote, “I get to live a life full of adventure and I feel so proud of myself for working so hard, but today it’s taking a toll on me.” 

Kaitlyn refers to hormones as ‘the devil’ 

Kaitlyn then engaged her followers by asking if they too suffered from hormonal depression and she expressed that she used to just think she was going crazy. 

Kaitlyn revealed, “I used to think I was bat s*** CRAZY, and I never put two and two together that it was always around the same time. Hormones are the devil and they are stronger than me.” 

Continuing in her vulnerability, Kaitlyn shared, “I just wanna crawl into my own bed and cry today. But I have no time. This coffee Thats the size of me can only do so much. I’m here to chat in the comments on this drive about how you are all feeling today! Good or bad.” 

Kaitlyn’s post was met with love by many people who could relate, and commenters appreciated Kaitlyn using her platform to be so candid and shed light on the highs and lows of mental health. 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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