Kailyn Lowry hasn’t had baby yet, opens up about pregnancy on Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry talking about her pregnancy on this week's Teen Mom 2
Kailyn Lowry finally starts to open up about her pregnancy on this week’s Teen Mom 2

Kailyn Lowry has revealed there has been “no progress” with her birth, despite her baby being due any day now.

The MTV star, who already has two children, sons Lincoln, 3, and Isaac, 7, is due in early August but last night posted a Tweet saying she didn’t feel any closer to having her child.

Her comment comes as Kailyn finally starts to open up about her pregnancy on this week’s Teen Mom 2 episodes.

She tells ex Jo Rivera, Isaac’s father, on the show this week that she had fears about revealing and talking on camera about how she was expecting her third child by baby daddy No.3.

But she reveals she decided to start giving details to stop rumors that were flying about on the internet and in the press.

She tells Jo: “I’m going to start filming about being pregnant.”

Jo describes the move as “crazy”, adding: “How do you feel about that?”

Kailyn says: “I mean, I really don’t want to talk about it but I also feel like, I’m seeing all the ******** Jenelle [Evans] has gone through having three kids with three people.

“And, it’s going to get out anyway. So I might as well tell my story and be transparent about it, so that, you know, the truth is out there and not a bunch of rumors and assumptions and stuff like that.”

Kailyn, 25, confirmed back in May that the baby’s dad is her friend Chris Lopez. Her younger son Isaac’s dad is her ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

This week’s first episode of Teen Mom 2 also sees Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree have some trouble getting used to her baby brother.

Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans reconcile with her mom Barbara Evans, and the birthday party of Leah Messer’s daughter Addie doesn’t go to plan.

In the second episode, Leah is shocked by some unexpected news from ex Jeremy Calvert, Javi finds out information about Kailyn’s pregnancy, and David Eason plans a big surprise for Jenelle after their daughter’s birth.

Teen Mom 2 airs new episodes Mondays at 9/8c and 11/10c.

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