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Kailyn Lowry reveals she broke her legal agreement with Jo over custody

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry broke legal agreements with Jo. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is currently on a lengthy vacation with Leah Messer and all of their children. The two women decided to take their combined six children to Hawaii and travel around the islands to give their kids the trip of a lifetime.

Many Teen Mom 2 fans were excited about seeing the trip on the show, but it sounds like Kailyn isn’t being filmed at the moment because she broke a legal agreement with Jo Rivera.

As it turns out, Kailyn brought Isaac to Hawaii on a day where Jo was supposed to have him. While it may have been agreed upon between the two of them, it appears that there are legal agreements in terms of who has custody of him that day and who can film.

On Twitter, Kailyn Lowry explained that she brought Isaac to Hawaii on Jo’s day, which then turned into a legal issue. It’s possible that this legal issue is something that MTV has to follow, which means they can’t legally film Kailyn in Hawaii with Isaac. Instead, they could be forced to film Jo and Vee back in Delaware, talking about Isaac instead.

Kailyn and Leah appear to have a great time with their kids, and neither have talked about when they are coming back. All of the kids are currently out of school for the summer, so it isn’t a surprise that they are taking a longer vacation.

In Delaware, Kailyn has just moved into a brand new house that she built from the ground up. This is something that could be featured on the new season of Teen Mom 2, a season she’s currently filming for MTV.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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