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Kailyn and Javi argue outside court and Barb could lose Jace on Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2
Kailyn talks about a year that has been her best and worst on Teen Mom 2

This week on Teen Mom 2, it’s legal woes all round as Kailyn and Javi head to court and Barb could have to give up Jace.

Barb is really the only mom that Jace has known and now that Jenelle is going through with the custody battle, that could change forever.

An emotional Barb tells show producer Kristen that she doesn’t really want to think about the consequences of the decision going against her.

Barb on Teen Mom 2
Barb gets emotional and defensive on Teen Mom 2

Kristen points out that Barb did say if Jenelle got clean and went back to school then she’d give her Jace back. But now she says that her doubts are still there that without a man in her life and the show to support her that Jenelle would struggle to both look after the kids and maintain her lifestyle.

Meantime, Kailyn and Javi have been having some dicroce mediation, but it is not going so well and the pair end up arguing outside the court.

Last week an emotional Javi opened up to his brother and cousins about hard he has found the breakdown of his family unit.

Also on this episode, Leah discovers that Jeremy is engaged and Chelsea tells everyone her baby’s sex.

Watch Teen Mom 2 – Low Blows at 9 PM on MTV.

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